Live @Local 506

Johnny Dowd

Melissa Swingle Duo

Ben de la Cour

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


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Johnny Dowd, one of a kind leftfield trashcan Americana artist, has a show at Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC on June 14th.

HCTF review of Execute American Folklore.

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indebanvan fan on Execute American Folklore


Johnny Dowd: nieuw album Execute American Folklore

Ik denk dat ik inmiddels een ceedeetje of veertien heb van Johnny Dowd. Maar 1 fan maakt natuurlijk nog geen zomer. Dus zag ook Johnny Dowd zich genoodzaakt om zijn nieuwe album te financieren d.m.v. crowdfunding. Fans konden onder meer ere-werknemer van zijn verhuisbedrijf Zolar Moving Company worden.

“Execute American Folklore” wordt de titel van het album dat 9 september verschijnt.

1 oktober start er een Europese tour. Onderstaand de Nederlandse concertdata.

I think I now have a ceedeetje fourteen Johnny Dowd. But one fan, of course, does not make a summer. Also saw Johnny Dowd forced to finance his new album via crowdfunding. Fans could be more honorary employee of his moving company Zolar Moving Company.

Execute American Folklore” is the title of the album September 9 appears.

October 1 will start a European tour. Below are the Dutch tour dates.

Date      location                place                      support act

WED OCT 12       patronage           Haarlem, Netherlands   Park Doing

SAT OCT 15         the Peppel          Zeist, Netherlands           Park Doing

SUN OCT 30        Office Beukorkest at TAC             Eindhoven, Netherlands
Mark Lotterman

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Editors note: “ceedeetje”??

Humo Interviews Johnny Dowd – Show at The Dairy



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This Saturday doing utterly unique American Johnny Dowd (68), international cult hero since you are always recommended documentary “Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus” (2005), for our country are only Belgian concert this year. Do Not Forward, AB or Trix – rooms that one based on the man’s repute would expect – but in modest GC The Dairy in Zemst. His new album bears the intriguing title “Execute American Folklore.

Johnny Dowd “I got that stole from a Dutch magazine about traditional country music. My last record was discussed in it, “That’s Your Wife on the back of my horse,” and wrote the reviewer of service that they sounded like I was in one blow so many hundreds of years tried to execute on American folklore. He meant, of course negative, but I thought it was a cool expression. I immediately thought: ‘That is the title of my new album.’ ”

Humo terms wacky plate and song titles, you also have to keep a reputation. I think “A Drunkard’s Masterpiece,” “Putting Lipstick on a Pig” and it has just been cited ‘That’s Your Wife on the back of my horse. ” Also worth noting: “Ding Dong,” a song that you two minutes to turn a piece of the thing stuffed.

Dowd (amused) “We used to kill That One live. Eventually we were twelve minutes at a time to the thing bargained until everyone in the audience was seasick. “Ding Dong” is indeed typical of such a number in which the title came first, and then the rest of the song. Same with ‘Whiskey Ate My Brain, “from the new album: once such a title is your shot to inside, the rest is child’s play”.

Humo How autobiographical is that title?

Dowd «In my younger years, I have some whiskey opposition, but now I am quite some years pretty dry. A few beers, a few cigarettes, occasional marijuana more use I do not. Small portions, huh – large portions for when you’re young. I know people who have started large portions on their 17th, and still have not changed their 65th. not left me, but I could not do what I do when I sloshed drank every night. ”

HUMO Do you like it still tour life?

Dowd “Oh yeah. At home I have a wonderful wife and seventeen great cats, but exists for me there really is nothing better than touring. Every night, just before we go, I tell the band “. Let’s have some fun ‘That’s it, huh? I mean, I worked in my life – before I became a mover, I’ve held rotbaantjes – so I know the difference between real work and on tour. Let me tell you: on tour, that’s not working “.

Humo you sit really still in the moving business?

Dowd “Yep. This morning I have a piano loaded into my truck. ”

Humo At your age?

Dowd “Make no mistake: I have the body of a 19-year-old. Come and see, haha. “(Nj)

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WrittenInMusic reviews Execute American Folklore



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Johnny Dowd is sometimes in the same dingy alley musical signaled where Waits, Cave and then Captain Beefheart himself quit on quirky music built stories in which characters often figure in the society.

Dowd has meanwhile exceeded and the mark of 65, not afraid to experiment.This is evident from the impressive long list of players that he delivered since it dates from ’95 and originally released on cassette Wrong Side Of Memphis, he already approaching fifty. Dowd grew up in Texas, Memphis and Oklahoma and put the moving company Zolar Moving Company in Ithaca, New York, which job he combines with his music.

On his new LP takes its elderly beatbox a prominent place, together with the distorted parties on keyboards and guitar, Dowd responds personally, the result is erratic but danceable stuff on witness unease and Disease. The bizarre 3:29:48 (birthdate Dowd) recounts his or fictional life story. The patter on funky grafted Last Laugh he talks about his parents. Sexual Revolution is not a happy story.Moreover, he places himself with his cold patter and explicit, often absurd beyond the usual harmonic structures of alt country and Americana. In Mr. Muggles dives for the first time trusted partner Anna Coogan to play with high thin. Rhumba In The Park is just a light snack.

Titles like Whiskey Ate My Brain and Brains-a-Flame make the ominous expectations entirely true while the monotonous rhythm this effect strengthened with resounding slides and understated vocal contribution of Coogan. The repetitive scansion in the extracted through the wringer Execute American Folklore sound like a ruthless reckoning. And A World Without Me duet with Coogan sounds at times as onscure garage rock from the sixties.

We now know for some time that Johnny Dowd withdrawal is far outside the regular circuit, it almost creates its own niche. Moreover, the musical outlaw knows how to surprise each time with each new assignment.That’s no different with the come with the help of fundraising achieved Execute American Folklore, a quirky musical statement which expanded Dowd will propose at the European tour in October.

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Johnny Dowd unveils new ‘Execute American Folklore’ CD

JIM CATALANO, Correspondent

For the past 20 years, Johnny Dowd has been honing a unique style of music that draws from blues, country, folk, rock and gospel influences to create a backdrop for his distinctive lyrics delivered in his one-of-kind vocal style – a drawling mix of singing, talking and testifying.

S3ee86-w704aturday, Dowd will unveil his latest album, the 14-song “Execute American Folklore,” at CD release show at the Rongovian Embassy in Trumansburg. The Sex Robots, which includes Anna Coogan and Michael Edmondson on guitars and vocals, will accompany Dowd at the show.


Dowd recorded all of the instruments for the next album by himself at his studio in the office of Zolar Trucking, the moving company he has co-owned with Dave Hinkle since the mid-1970s

“There are a lot of drum machines, but it still sounds live, because I tracked all the instruments live,” Dowd explained. “I wouldn’t say there’s a lyrical theme to the album, but it’s lot more coherent musically from song to song. Most of them kick off with these hip-hop drum beats, so that holds it all together.”

Local engineer Matthew Saccuccimorano once again played a key role on the album, adding a variety of sounds in the mixing and mastering process.

“Matt has been instrumental in the last three records as far as crafting a coherent sound for each record,” Dowd said. “It’s been a real collaborative process. I did what I do, and he did what he does. I might make a change or two on his mix, but it’s very minimal.” Coogan also contributed vocals to a few songs, including the lead lines on “Brains-a-Flame.”

The album title can be taken in two ways, depending on how you define “execute” – something Dowd was perfectly aware of.

“The title came out of this bad review I got in this Dutch magazine,” he explained. “In the weird translation, it came out as at one point as ‘it’s almost like he’s trying to execute American folklore.’ When I saw that, I though it was a great phrase for an album. So I had the title before I wrote any songs, but I thought it was exactly what I was trying to do on the record.”

To support the new album, Dowd and his partner Kat Dalton launched an indiegogo campaign that raised more than $17,000. Supporters were able to procure a variety of perks such as album artwork, Dowd’s much-used drum machine, and Zolar Trucking t-shirts.

“We had no idea going into it what would happen, so I was really gratified,” Dowd said. “It definitely will keep me going as a musician for another year at least.”

Dowd, 68, was something of a late starter in his music career; indeed, he was in his late 40s when his breakthrough solo album “Wrong Side of Memphis” came out in 1997. The initial burst of critical acclaim, especially in Europe, has allowed him to keep going for the ensuing two decades, which has seen the release of more than a dozen albums and a few tours of Europe and the United States.

“That’s what helped to keep me fresh,” he said. “I’ve done all my developing in public. If you start at 15, you develop and get a thing going, and that’s your thing for the next 20 years. I was better known at the very beginning – at day one – than I am now. That (acclaim) was just something that happened, but it gave me a thing I’ve been able to maintain. It didn’t end up growing bigger and bigger, but it still gave me a basic thing that a lot of people don’t ever get.”

Saturday’s show, which is Dowd’s last before taking the Sex Robots on a three-week tour of Europe, also will serve as a release for the new two-CD “Neon Baptist Live,” a compilation of songs his former band recorded at are shows between 1990 and 1992. Find out more at

Opening Saturday’s show is Park Doing, who also will be accompanying Dowd on much of his upcoming European tour. The longtime frontman of the Atomic Forces and Woody Guthrie Meets The Sun has developed a new solo act that includes lots of live looping on guitar and vocals as well as the occasional sampled sound. Visit his new website at

If You Go

Who: Johnny Dowd and the Sex Robots, with Park Doing opening

What: CD release show for “Explode American Folklore”

When: 9:30 p.m. Saturday

Where: Rongovian Embassy, 1 W. Main St., Trumansburg

Tickets: Available at the door

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Live at Casita del Polaris (and Indie on Demand)

That’s Sat. 7/30, NOT Friday like Facebook is so lying about…


On another note, here’s a message from Johnny’s IndieGoGo campaign:

July 4, 2016:  We were getting requests for perks after the campaign closed, so we put the campaign into “In Demand” which makes perks available again.

Funds raised over goal will go to costs connected to Johnny’s new record and his October tour to promote it. Thanks again, everyone!


(Our chance to get another Zolar tee so the JDF crew can appear at all future Halloween parties dressed as a moving company.)

To start with, if you loved A Drunkards Masterpiece, you gotta claim this perk:

CD_Drunkardards paining

“This is a gorgeous watercolor by artist Kurt Herrmann which we reproduced on the cover of Johnny’s 2008 CD, “A Drunkard’s Masterpiece.” Painting is 6¾ x 7¾ inches (12¾ x 14¼ inches, including mat and wood frame). Matted and framed to archival standards.”

Okay, fine, we get it – what you REALLY want is a song written about you by Johnny:

The Studio,Jif,Execute2016

“Become immortalized in song. Johnny will write a song about you and record it. He’ll send it to you on CD-R, along with the handwritten lyrics. Just give him a few details about your life. Or, if you prefer, the song can be about someone or something else. Who knows, maybe it will be on Johnny’s next record? You can keep the recording to yourself or share with the world, as long as you don’t charge anyone for it. (Johnny will retain songwriting rights.)”


.This mother of all perks won’t run out, though. We know he can do it, no matter how many requests he gets, because his song book already tops 300. Fact!


Hell, be the crazy mofo that got both! But Do It NOW!


(PS Never hesitate-here’s the perk you missed:
“Hello everyone. I added a new perk today—my Electro Harmonix DRM-16. It’s almost like a band member. I used it on just about every record I’ve made. You can hear it in this video for “Betty”:
Video by Louk Voncken
(PPS Here’s the genius who got it performing awesomely Bad Songs for JD supporters one and all:  The Mouthholes )








Put “Execute American Folklore” into the Hands of the People

It’s been less than a week, and Johnny’s IndieGoGo campaign is really rocking. We at Johnny Dowd Fan are thrilled to see folks stepping up to show their support, and we hope Johnny is feelin’ the love. But if you think we’re gonna let y’all nab the killer perks before we do just cuz we’re nice, you’ve got another think coming… Better jump on it before we do!

(PS Even if you haven’t got a nickle to spare, help Johnny out by sharing on all your interweb social media tubes.)

May 23, 2016

Frame from Johnny’s Indiegogo video. Go to Indiegogo page to watch the video! (Link below)

Frame from Johnny’s Indiegogo video. Go to Indiegogo page to watch the video! (Link below)

Hello everyone.

I just launched my Indiegogo campaign for my new album. I think you’ll like the perks: the new album, Neon Baptist CDs, t-shirts, and more. Please check it out here:

Johnny Dowd at Indiegogo

There are a couple snippets from the new album in the video.

Will be grateful for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, emails to friends…..



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Johnny Dowd: crowdfunding campaign for new album “Execute American Folklore”

Leftfield singer-songwriter Johnny Dowd is raising money via Indiegogo to cover the expenses for recording his new album Execute American Folklore. He aims to raise $15,000:

Like many musicians today, I no longer have record company support and have to finance my own projects. Fortunately, I have my own studio. But I need to pay engineers for recording, mixing, and mastering. I also hired a vocalist for this record. Then I will have the costs of manufacturing, promotion, design, photography, shipping to distributor in the UK, and the fees connected to this Indiegogo campaign.I will be grateful for any help you can offer to get my latest and greatest, “Execute American Folklore,” into your hands.

Perks include a double CD with rare live material recorded his first band Neon Baptist and T-shirts making the buyer an honorary employee of Zolar Moving Company, the moving business in Ithaca, NY, that Johnny and his business partner Dave Hinkle have run for decades.

HCTF review of That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse.


IMA Winner Johnny Dowd has an Indiegogo campaign for his new album Execute American Folklore.

Put “Execute American Folklore” into the hands of the people | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!


Real Roots Cafe Reviews That’s Your Wife

Review,PressRelease_Real Roots Cafe,JohannaBodde,thatsyourwife

Johnny is one of my heroes. On June 13, 1998 I heard him for the first time live on the radio, during VPRO’s Studio Amstel Festival. The other guests were then still unknown The Handsome Family and Bonnie Prince Billy. Luckily I had a (used) tape plugged into my tape recorder! ‘Wrong Side Of Memphis’ Johnny’s sensational first solo album, also saw the light as homemade demo tape.

Born in Fort Worth (Texas) and still working at Zolar moving in Ithaca (New York), Johnny knows his life always tell in a colorful way. After an appearance in the movie “Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus” (2003) and numerous albums, he wanted for his latest return to the do-it-yourself style recording of his first CD.

The fourteen tracks he has chosen from the double, in two years fixed number. First the music incorporating his “seven-track recorder (one track is broken), as always drawing from different styles. Then inspiration his notebook full of poems and texts with it catchy. He uses the same twenty-five years Electro-Harmonix DRM16, but he wanted to hear a different kind of sound, so mix and mastering were contracted this time on Matt Saccuccimorano. Normally I hate canned drums, but it just belongs to Johnny!

The inventive title comes from Johnny Guitar Watson’s “Gangster Of Love” (1957). He made a poem and that opens, dipped in distorted guitar sounds, the album. Johnny found it nicely match the cover photo of his grandfather, who was sheriff in Oklahoma. This CD Anna Coogan plays the role of singing angel who gives counterbalance Johnny’s nomination opinionated, sometimes deliberately off-key singing and black humor. She effortlessly Johnny’s words echoing in her roles of country diva to “banshee”. Of course it refers to one track (“White Dolemite”) to himself – and to Archie Bell. The “Cadillac Hearse” brings us fantastic guitar riffs to New Orleans and “Why?” With soul influences, a new Dowd classic. The album ends with a long piece in which Willie B (drums) and Mike Edmondson (keyboards) play, Johnny’s acceptance speech is precious!
If you sometimes think that life is not fair, “Fair is where you go if you want to see the pigs race / Fare is what you pay the bus driver to get you to another place”. Excellent album, or as Master of the Absurd ‘Johnny himself would spell the “Xcellent”. (Mother Jinx Records)

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