Live @The Silver Line Tap Room

Johnny Dowd is back at The Line! Come join us for a great night of Alternative Americana and Rock and Roll with this internationally acclaimed local super star!


Johnny Dowd, one of a kind leftfield trashcan Americana artist, has a show at The Silver Line in Trumansburg, NY on April 7th. He will introduce his new band The Love Munchkins. Show starts at 8pm.

 – Here Comes the Flood


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Best of 2015



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Also, That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse placed in the top third of No Depressions Readers Poll Best of 2015. Pretty good good for a musician described by Alan Taylor as giving ” … a firm and mighty middle finger to the clones of the music industry and those who created them.”

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Merry Christmas from Johnny Dowd


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Download Jingle Bells here , and don’t forget to vote for That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse!


KLFM Reviews That’s Your Wife



One of the happiest moments in the life of every critic arising from the unfortunate generation X is a fresh album Johnny Dowd. I let it go in the Constitution!

Zanemaromo you osredniji By the Gargon from 2013, three years after the excellent No Regrets, Johnny Dowd returned as good dynamic figure That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse. Remember that insane albums from 2012, with the titles of songs in the form of female names like Betty, Rita, Nancy, Abigail or Candy?

This leads us to two conclusions – em what Dowd clearly not gay, three years ago, is experiencing difficult moments analyzing his then not quite grateful position through the prism of some women who marked his life. But three years later, Johnny is bursting with life and creativity, and the name of the album can be viewed as a form of derisive phrase “Who fucks, I won and it is with me now!”.

Of course, it is subjetivno author view these announcements, but still there is something at the same time megalomasnko, relaxed and happy in this new album, even if happiness is deceptive term and often used a mask of melancholy and depression.

Dowd About Dowd does not need to write a litany, after his flair necessary (and only possible) to experience auditory sense. Therefore, dear listeners, deign to listen to one izvrstanalbum this top and unusual singer-songwriter, because you’ll just be able to make a personal objective judgment. A Dowdov work was well worth a thorough listening, especially if you belong to a group of purists who disdain and disgust view the coexistence of traditional and experimental. as in this case Johnny’s songs could you act on healing and enlightenment!

That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse is primarily album a variable character, which in turn may or may not suggest changes of mood (despite the fact that Johnny and I share the same diagnosis), but simply point to his already proverbial modus operandi. Johnny is in its earliest days was a typical country / blues singer-songwriter, but eventually in his compositions began to bring elements of lo-fi ambient, electronics, and to a certain extent and tastefully packed hip-hop.

This album expected flying over all these influences but also the sideways – has the fundamental rock, psychedelic blues, country, pop, playing with nerves slušateja, practically everything, but Johnny is his song masterfully scrambled in a meaningful series, and believe the author of these lines; if about Mr. Dowd know at least some basic things, and if you like to listen to Wrong Side of Memphis, Cemetry Shoes or A Drunkard’s Masterpiece, then That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse work that will truly delight!

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