Pandemic Productions Presents: Johnny and Friends

Looking back, it’s been kind of amazing seeing the plethora of collaborative stuff that’s appeared online in 2020, aka the year of stay-the-hell-away-from-me. Where there’s a will there’s an app, I guess.

Hopefully you all checked out the great Hideaway video Justin Asher put together showcasing former/current/future/past/ongoing members of the Johnny Dowd Band (Mike Edmondson, Anna Coogan, Brian “Willie B” Wilson, Matthew Saccuccimorano, Kim Sherwood Caso, Michael Stark, Justin himself, and special guest talent Sally Timms). It was followed in short order by Thanksgiving Day, same crew. Which do I like better? I can’t say, but if you haven’t seen TD yet, be prepared for some wacky guitar work and music video action. No lie.

Justin tells us:

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
I’ve been busy this quarantine putting together a virtual reunion with the past and present members of the Johnny Dowd Band. I spent much of the late 90s and early 00s touring and recording with them, and it’s been wonderful to reconnect and make noise together. This month we made a version of Johnny’s song “Thanksgiving Day“. May it bring you as much joy and introspection as it did for us putting it together. Check it out and spread the word. I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Hope y’all have a relaxing and safe holiday!
(P.S. I mixed and edited the audio as well as the video. Apparently I’m a video editor now.)


Another collaboration produced Fine Time, part of the Conductors Tale by Rik Van Iersel, with Johnny reciting his poetry to music by Senga Etna and Johnny Dowd.

Neither last nor least, Johnny and his family did what families should do, and worked together for a whole series of art projects. Continue experiencing this cornucopia with more art and music videos.
And so it goes, keeping on keeping on. Hope you are, too.

Gargon Returns


Actually no one counted anymore, but the artwork ‘Do the Gargon’ by Rik van Iersel, stolen from the Vishal on the Grote Markt in Haarlem on 25 February, is back on the surface.

On Wednesday, the person who stole the panel has brought it back again.

Wendy Tjalma was working in the office of the Vishal when one of the volunteers behind the desk came to her.

“Apparently there was a gentleman at the desk who came back with great regret and a thousand apologies.”

The man in question appeared to have taken the panel in a drunken mood in his own words during the opening of the exhibit Featuring # 01.

Tjalma is happy that the work is back. ,, It is not good to talk that someone does something like that, but the man came back with lead in his shoes and I think that to be praised. ”

Tjalma called the artist living in Eindhoven and curator Rik van Iersel to tell him that his work is above water. ,, Of course it is also happy that it is there again. It is admittedly a compliment if your work is stolen, but of course it is not cool. ”

The artwork of ten by ten centimeter is hung back where it was stolen on the opening day and can still be seen there until March 18.

Original article


Editors note: More likely, Gargon was drunk and stole the guy.

Oor reviews Execute American Folklore



For our English-speaking friends, here’s an amusing internet translation of the Oor review…………..And the farmer, he plowed on. After their debut in 1997 as a late bloomer to have solo, it seems this ex-68-year-old mover from New York now when working on the most productive years of his life. He writes songs galore. Meanwhile, he discovered the electronics and he is also getting better grounded in anything with strings and keys, so he has no band. Execute American Folklore is his seventh album since 2010 and then we are cooperation projects. Just like on his previous album is only present as a guest singer Anna Coogan; they may include rapping that she was suicidal. Dowd wrong textual form in blood. If not unprecedented cynical annoyances of man in general or in particular to the American song texts processed, then he’s on his way just unusually funny. ‘ My baby likes to eat Chinese, she doesn’t like to cook. ‘ In the meantime, everyone should count his blessings and let swing back and forth between electronic rhythms and melodic guitar lines that seem to stem from the sixties, between danceable and accessible and unorthodox avant-garde. Great album, with again a Dutch link: after previously Rik van Iersel (Beech Orchestra) made now kindred spirit rik (Smutfish) the beautiful cover portrait. WILLEM JONGENEELEN

 – courtesy of Kat Dalton

That’s Your Wife Tour Day 20 – The End



img_3158Met with Jair, counted cd’s, repacked Johnny, off to Artists on the Road, who opened up shop on a Sunday to receive us.

Then to Eindhoven, to find a parking place in advance of Kings Day. Up late visiting with artist Rik Van Iersel and his wife Agnes. Unfortunately, there was no spaghetti.img_3298

Johnny Dowd:
 Day 20 (end) Spent a couple of days at the end of the tour with my buddy Rik van Iersel and his lovely wife Agnes. Rik and I did some recording and made a dance video.



Tour report from Johnny:
Things lost: toothbrush and toothpaste, two beautiful egg holders (gift from Pim and Niek), eyeglasses.
    A tour is kind of like a rabbit’s tail, too short or too long. Depends if you are coming or going.
Stayed with Pim and Niek Hoogland after the show in Krefeld, Germany. Potters. They live on the grounds of a monastery. The nuns dress in pink and have taken a vow of silence. The priests do the shopping.
    I met a blind Kung Fu master in Brighton. He used to manage bands, talked like a pirate and offered to manage me. Wonderful fellow. Irish, I think.
Did a bunch of shows with Mr. Mark Lotterman, a Dutch singer, songwriter, and extraordinary talent. He is a prince of a fellow. We may do an album together about a woman from Denmark who came to Holland and killed her landlord. She was hung—Rembrandt made a drawing of this.
    My sister Jennifer Edmondson and her husband Mike were on the tour with me. Jennifer handled the merch. Mike drove and played guitar. They did a fantastic job and taught me a lot about plants (their usual business is landscaping).
    Played an alt-country festival in Hengelo, Netherlands. Cleared the room in two minutes. I guess I still have the magic touch.
    At the Guitar Bar in Nottingham, we all wore funny hats.
    In Lille, France, and Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the shows were on boats. A French girl said my blues name should be “Gin Apple Johnny.”
    Thanks to Jair Hoogland at Sedate Booking and to Kat Dalton for all their hard work on this tour. Thanks also to all the people who came to see us.
On the last day of the tour, I was eaten by balloons.

 And Good-bye
 Of course Mark Lotterman has the final word….

That’s Your Wife Tour Day 11 – A Collage of Performers

Poster,Banner_TAC,Buro-BeukorkestBeukorkest, a brainchild of Rik Van Iersel, has been around under various names for almost a decade. John performed at the first gathering, and played tonight at a semi-Beukorkest whipped up just for this tour.

The show was at TAC in Eindhoven, and a creative spirit was displayed at every turn. (A JDF stencil may be floating around here,too.)

Included among the roving Beukorkest musicians that night was Kathy Zeigler, a buddy from back home.

First there’s set up,sound check, and mainly…food…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…then the show!

This was Johnny’s opening tune:

A good time was had by all the musicians and tall people present. Until next time, bye everybody!


John,Kathy and Rik


“Beukorkest bestaat uit muzikanten met zeer uiteenlopende achtergronden die voor een korte periode samenkomen. De muziek laveert tussen freejazz, broken beats, rock, spoken word, trashblues en pop. Soms wel twintig man sterk produceert het orkest een overdonderende muzikale collage met veel ruimte voor improvisatie en dynamiek.

Beukorkest consists of musicians from very different backgrounds who come together for a short period. The music swings between free jazz, broken beats, rock, spoken word, trash blues and pop. Sometimes a twenty-strong orchestra produces an overwhelming musical collage with lots of room for improvisation and dynamics.”

-Motel Mozaique


Poster,Banner_beukorkest,201309 Line-up Sept 2013
The unique composition of Beukorkest – during previous editions Stuurbaard Beard, Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart), Dead Elvis, Kyteman, Andre Manuel, and Def P (Osdorp Posse) participated – offering ample space to experiment, with each , the instruments and the audience. A total experience, adventure and surprising. This year the band includes at least the American singer-songwriter Johnny Dowd who was among those at the kickoff of the project. In addition, Solex, DJ DNA (Stuurbaard Bakkebaard / Urban Dance Squad), and members of the bands Crappy Dog and Woody & Paul will be part of the group.

Steal the trumpet Show 2011/09

Poster,Banner_beukorkest201109Beukorkest is a platform for musicians and (performing) artists, initiated and set by critically acclaimed artist Rik van Iersel from Eindhoven. For the first two tours of Beukorkest, van Iersel got the cooperation of Stuurbaard Bakkebaard, Def P, Hakon Gebhart (ex-Motorpsycho) and Johnny Dowd, who will also attend the Steal The Trumpet Show.

Line-up April 2011

Rik van Iersel: Percussie/Electronica/Compositie
Jean-Marie Aerts (B, TC Matic, JMX): gitaar/zang/electronica
Johnny Dowd (USA): Spoken Word/Zang/Gitaar
Michael Starck (USA, Tzar, Wingnut, Johnny Dowd): toesten
Solex: Zang/Samples
Truus de Groot (USA, Nasmak)): Spoken Word/kraakdoos
GW Sok (The Ex): Spoken Word/zang
Marc Constandse (Parne Gadje, Big Low): Zang / Bandoneon/Percussie
Bart Maris (B, Electric Barbarians, dEUS, Zita Swoon): Trompet/Electronica
DJ DoNotAsk (Urban Dance Squad, Stuurbaard Bakkebaard, Beukorkest): Samples/Draaitafels
Aura Grace Msimang Berton (ZA, Lee Scratch Perry, JMX , Pow Ensemble): Spoken Word/Zang
Erik Vandenberge (Crappy Dog): Gitaar/Zang
Arnout Brinkman(Crappy Dog): Saxofoon
AMIN(Hotel): zang/teksten

Joshua van Iersel (Phantom Engineer, Woody & Paul): Drums/Zang
Woody Veneman(Woody & Paul, St. Cordell): gitaar/zang
Paul van Hulten( Woody & Paul ,William by the Man from the South): banjo/gitaar/zang
Edward Capel (Blast, Blunt, John Zorn, Cube X): Trombone/Trompet/Saxofoon

Nathanael Boelen(Crappy Dog): Bas

Younes Riad (Cube X, Yotr, Deshima Ensemble): electronica
Siem Nozza (Yotr, Senga Etna, Phantom Engineer, Beukorkest): bass