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Potlista reviews Execute American Folklore



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If there is a perverse music, it is this, Johnny Dowd. Someone his music from me unfathomable reason called alternative country. It has a hint of the direction that the music of Johnny Dowd as much today in the streams of the Black Hills, the home of the Lakota Sioux, has gold dust. Therefore, it is much more present in the form of exaggerated funk bass, rap as a torrent of verbal expression and experimental music that is heard in the form of various unpleasant and poluprijatnih sounds produced by synthesizers. There are guitar solos that I regarded as one of the genre. How it all together sounds? As something that will not sell or will attract curious listener open to experimentation. Because, as much as Johnny Dowd combines incompatible, it has a groove. So, curious listener open to experimentation, thanks to the grooves that seemed right William “Bootsy” Collins and John “Jabo” Starks of unsurpassed JB’sa, will somehow swallowed operatic soul female vocalist and splintered solo on trumpet accompanied by a rhythm section in songs “Mr.Muggles”. She swims in the next, “Rhumba In The Park”, which is really rumba, but only sounds like it was sung by Bob Dylan imitators imitating Frank Sinatra. This is grafted as wrong coalesced fracture for “Whiskey Ate My Brain” which begins as a dialogue mister Dowd, whose vocals passed through the telephone with dvadesetprvovekovnom incarnation some vocal girl-groups of the sixties and ends with the guitar solo worthy of Frank Zappa in his wildest moments. Because it turned out that I did not even curious not open as much as I thought, this is for me the execution of American folklore ended. But Johnny Dowd is not so easy to give up, he continued to hit out at him more good fifteen minutes to the finishing touch, the title song. And when we thought it was all over, American folklore is again rears its ugly head in the final, “A World Without Me”. This would be almost appealing pop song (because pop is American folklore!) That the guitar is not all the time matched the melody one and the same too noisy riff. As said by the chorus: “Oh, Johnny, Johnny, you have to go.” Better you than me! (Srdjan Strajnić)

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