A Night for Nicholas Hill @Casita Del Polaris


Nicholas Hill (or Hickory to some) suffered a stroke in the beginning of April and has been traveling the long road to recovery since. His family plans to provide for him the best in rehabilitation services. Please support the effort to help Nick on his journey by coming to A Night for Nicholas Hill.

 “I have done his radio show a bunch of times. He’s a real fun guy to be interviewed by because he knows a shit ton about music. He’s the kind of guy that really keeps music alive. Musicians need people like Nick – he makes the local musicians feel like they are doing something worthwhile.”

 – Johnny Dowd   / 14850.com 

The evening will feature numerous Ithaca area singer songwriters playing original music and celebrating Nick. Performers will include Jennie Lowe, Mary Lorson, Johnny Dowd, Richie Stearns, Anna Coogan, Jen Cork, Angie Beeler, Bert Scholl, Pierce Walsh, Jai and Jonathan Meyerhoff, Polly Wood, Janet Batch, and others. This is the opportunity for all who love Nick to come together and support a truly special member of our community. $10 suggested donation.

Cosmic Joke on Local Musicians

Not Johnny Dowd exactly. In fact, not even remotely, but a good prelude to some fan fun we plan to post later…Poster_20170119,cosmic-joke

Photo_Jif,Mike, la peniche 2015

Along with a host of stellar Ithaca musicians covering other stellar Ithaca musicians, former Neon Baptist members Jennifer (nee Dowd) & Mike Edmondson will be covering at least a few songs from the Neon Baptist CD at the next Cosmic Joke Collective show. Mike, of course, is a current JD band member, and Jennifer traveled with the That’s Your Wife tour in 2015.



In an ultimate celebration of our richly talented community, the performers of the Cosmic Joke Collective will be covering the music of local artists past and present on both January 21st and February 18th with two unique shows.


Jennie Lowe and Leon Arguello
Josh Dolan and Leon Arguello
Mandy Goldman and Samuel B. Lupowitz
Jif Edmondson and Michael Edmondson
Nate Silas Richardson


Angie Beeler • The Blind Spots • Madder Rose • Anna Coogan • John Dowd • Crow Greenspun • Kitestring • Jennie Lowe Stearns • Will Musham • Alan Rose • and more!

6:30 Doors and Upstairs Bar Open
7:00 Showtime
$5 Cover

webclip_Cosmic Joke Collective pays tribute to local scene


The Cosmic Joke Collective, the monthly artist salon hosted by Mickie Quinn, will present “We’ve Got You Covered, Part 1” Saturday at Lot 10. Each show has a theme, and this one will feature several local artists paying tribute to some of their musical peers.

On the bill are Leon Arguello, Josh Dolan, Jif Edmondson and Mike Edmondson, Mandy Goldman and Sam Lupowitz, Jennie Lowe and Nate Richardson.

According to Quinn, the idea for this show came about when Jennifer Middaugh (Sim Redmond Band, Bronwen Exter, Mary Lorson) had the idea to do a set of songs by local artists she had performed with as a backup singer for a future Collective show. Quinn saw the potential for this to be a theme for a whole show and presented the idea to all of the performers.

“The response was overwhelming,” she said, “So overwhelming that I had enough interest and enthusiasm to turn it into two shows.” Part 2 will take place Feb. 18 at Lot 10.

“We immediately knew we wanted to do this show,” said Lupowitz and Goldman. “There’s such a vibrant array of local music in this town, and we’re both constantly inspired by it. So many great songwriters in such a small radius — it’s impossible not to want to cover their music. Plus, so many artists in Ithaca have been so receptive to us; it’s nice to pay tribute to them this way.”

“I am a musician, but first and foremost a lover of music,” Lowe added. “I was drawn to this town because I heard that it was musician friendly! My biggest heroes are some of my friends, and I want to honor them by singing their songs.”

Among those covered will be The Blind Spots, Alan Rose, Madder Rose, Johnny Dowd, Crow Greenspun, Angie Beeler, Anna Coogan and Joe Crookston.

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Live at The Dock – IMOP





Christmas Party for the self-employed !

               At the Dock tonite!





Live at The Dock – Ithaca Musicians Office Party

                                                       It’s a party at The Dock


Live at the Brightspark Electric Folk Festival Sept. 25 6:00pm


Last years riot….




Live at The Rongo IMOP (Ithaca Musicians Office Party)


Poster_Rongovian,20151220,IMOPLive Auction! Fabulous Food! Lovely Libations!

Join us as we celebrate the season with friends and music and raise funds to support our dear friend, Leah Houghtaling at the IMOP !.

Schedule of Events:

4pm – Johnny Dowd & Michael Edmondson
4:30 – Beverly Stokes & Brooks Miner
5pm – Steve Gollnick & Billy Cote
5:30 – Jennifer Middaugh, Michael Stark, Zaun Marshburn & Brian Dozoretz
6:30 – Park Doing
7pm – Bronwen Exter with Jennifer Middaugh, Mike Stark, John Young, Jason Shegogue & Matthew Saccuccimorano
7:30 – Jennie Lowe Stearns with Mike Stark, Brian Dozoretz, and Matthew Saccuccimorano

With the Mighty Mickie Quinn as your Mistress of Ceremonies.

$10 Suggested Donation

Exciting update- there will be a LIVE auction between performances. Items like a box of Q. Cassetti’s greeting cards, Johnny Dowd’s Cider Vinegar, a massive gift basket from Myer Farm Distillers, and services like babysitting, custom design work, and HAVING YOUR ALBUM MASTERED will all be up for grabs.

Record Mastering by Matt Saccuccimorano $500 Value
Custom Illustration by Mickie Quinn $200 Value
Big Box of Q. Cassetti Gift Cards $75 Value
Massive Basket of Myer Farm Distillers Liquor $270 Value
An original Q. Cassetti Day of the Dead painting 48” x 36”  $500 Value
Rongo Gift Pack: T-Shirt, Pint Glass, Sticker, and a $10 Gift Certificate $45 Value
A bottle of Johnny Dowd’s apple cider vinegar and a copy of “That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse” Priceless

Promo_Ithaca Journal,IMOP,headline,2015Promo_Ithaca Journal,IMOP,2015,JohnnyPromo_Ithaca Journal,IMOP,2015

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Brightspark Electric Folk Festival Swamp Ride


The Heavy Hitters arrive


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What happens when the power goes out? It unfetters the band.

 – The Tin teardrops, photos by Pete Wolfganger


Live at Felicia’s: Ithaca Musicians Office Party

What to expect? Johnny’s instructions to his band mate Mike:

“we play at 830—meet there at around 8–they should have an amp for u—u will need to play a xmas song using the space drum”

You heard it here, folks. There WILL be Space Drums.

MusiciansParty Felicias201412