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U-70, urchig, archaisch, intensiv, authentisch: Johnny Dowd (*1948) trinkt gern Whisky und singt wie «ein Serienkiller, der in einem Staubsauger gefangen ist.» Der frühere Möbelpacker und Vietnamveteran war immerhin mal zwei Wochen lang verheiratet.

Und er lässt die Gitarren heute noch wuchtig krachen, zusammen mit funky Orgeln und trieb-schepperndem Schlagzeug, als hinge sein Leben davon ab. Das tut es auch. Tarantino-Country für die einen, Lynch-Gothic für die anderen. Der Schmerz ist spürbar, Religion ist Thema, aber nur schwer rollstuhlgängig oder auf freigeschabten Kniescheiben über Rollsplit zur Heiligen Bernadette in Lourdes rutschend. Punk liegt in der Luft, ein Hauch Fiesheit. Zynismus wird Ironie und Jim Morrison zum unbekannten Soldaten auf dem Friedhof Père Lachaise in Paris. Irgendwann nennt man das Kult, Brian Wilson und Jim White können nicht irren. Und wir Inselbewohner haben JD ja längst die Unsterblichkeit der el Lokal Hall of Fame verliehen.

«Das ist das Album, das ich seit langem mal machen wollte,» sagt Dowd zu seinem neusten Streich «Wake Up The Snakes» und führt uns souverän zurück in die Zeit, als Soul-Musik auf Garage-Rock traf. Verzerrte Bässe, Farfisa-Orgel und viele «My baby left me»-Texte. Mal wieder was anderes für den umtriebigen Texaner, der seit seinem ersten Album 1997 entlegenen Pfade zwischen Country, Blues, Rock’n’Roll für sich und uns neu entdeckt hat. Also: Auf in unsere paradiesische Schlangengrube auf der aufgeweckten Weltkulturinsel am Krokosihl River. Zum 3. Mal bereits in Norderstedt, diesmal mit illustren Gästen.



Nancy    Poor But Proud   Silver Claw



U-70, conservative, archaic, intense, authentic: Johnny Dowd (* 1948) likes to drink whiskey and sings like the earlier movers and Vietnam veteran was, after been married for two weeks, “a serial killer who is trapped in a vacuum cleaner.”.

And he lets the guitars still massive blast, along with funky organs, driving-rattling drums, as if his life depended on it. That it does. Tarantino Country for a Lynch-Gothic for the other. The pain is felt, religion is present, it is difficult skidding wheelchairs or on freigeschabten kneecaps over loose chippings to Saint Bernadette in Lourdes. Punk is in the air, a hint of nastiness. Cynicism is irony and Jim Morrison to the Unknown Soldier at the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Sometime called the Cult, Brian Wilson and Jim White can not be wrong. And we islanders have long since JD immortality of el local Hall of Fame awarded.

“This is the album I wanted to make since long time,” says Dowd for his latest prank “Wake Up The Snakes” and leads us confidently back in time, met as soul music on garage rock. Distorted bass, Farfisa organ and many “My baby left me” -texts. Once again something else for the enterprising Texan who has discovered and since his first album in 1997 remote paths between country, blues, rock and roll itself new to us.So: At our paradise snake pit on the aufgeweckten World Heritage island on Krokosihl River. For the 3rd time already in Norderstedt, this time with illustrious guests.

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Thomas Niehaus, Heiner Lahn and Wolfgang Sedlatschek (NorderstedtMusik) captured a few songs of the Johnny Dowd concert @ Music Star in Norderstedt, Germany (October 13, 2016). He was accompanied by The Sex Robots (Anna Coogan & Michael Edmondson). Watch them perform A World Without Me (mislabeld as “Love Bucket”) and Rhumba in The Park from his latest album Execute American Folklore.

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That’s Your Wife Tour Day 15 – Happy Birthday to You


In Frrankfurt  the venue and hotel were quite close, but due to construction, we were required to repeatedly apply the band motto of At the Next Opportunity, Make a U Turn. Hotel Royal is a sweet old place with the nicest staff and rooms whose entire back wall was window that could be thrown wide open.

Dreikonigskeller is an equally small iconic German cellar rock club. It does not mean anything about dragons as some american nitwit thought, but rather refers to Kings.
Don’t miss it if you are ever in Frankfurt. The owner is a true believer and the lighting is perfect.

"I really like this place. This place says 'Germany', you're in a German Rock Club. So just think of the history here. Much blood has been spilled on this stage. We won't have any of that, though."

“I was very fortunate. I had a very happy childhood. It was just later in life that things went horribly wrong.”

                                           –  Johnny Dowd, Dreikonigskeller,Frankfurt  DE 2015

Props to the small but enthusiastic crowd, who belted out the sing-a-long in John Deere Yeller John has introduced this tour.