Live @Newfield Music Series (and Bonus Casita Gig Gallery)

•Wednesday, the Newfield Music Series at Mill Park closes out with the double bill of Anna Coogan and Johnny Dowd, occasional bandmates as well as outstanding songwriters in their own right. The show runs from 6 to 8 p.m.
Jim Catalano,Ithaca Journal


This poster by John Driscoll is most awesome. We dig the sketch version, cuz,well, more realistic…. .


And for reading till the end, here’s the bonus feature-photos from the Casita show in July:


See ya there, JT!

JT and John, brothers from another mother

Live @ Casita with Tzar

Johnny Dowd super group, TZAR, JD & Mike E.

Johnny Dowd Super Group
feat. Johnny, Kim Sherwood Caso, Brian Wilson, Michael Stark


Johnny Dowd & Mike Edmondson

3 sets of music, 9:30pm sharp showtime!
Casita Del Polaris



Check out the fun at this previous Casita show :


A Night for Nicholas Hill @Casita Del Polaris


Nicholas Hill (or Hickory to some) suffered a stroke in the beginning of April and has been traveling the long road to recovery since. His family plans to provide for him the best in rehabilitation services. Please support the effort to help Nick on his journey by coming to A Night for Nicholas Hill.

 “I have done his radio show a bunch of times. He’s a real fun guy to be interviewed by because he knows a shit ton about music. He’s the kind of guy that really keeps music alive. Musicians need people like Nick – he makes the local musicians feel like they are doing something worthwhile.”

 – Johnny Dowd   / 

The evening will feature numerous Ithaca area singer songwriters playing original music and celebrating Nick. Performers will include Jennie Lowe, Mary Lorson, Johnny Dowd, Richie Stearns, Anna Coogan, Jen Cork, Angie Beeler, Bert Scholl, Pierce Walsh, Jai and Jonathan Meyerhoff, Polly Wood, Janet Batch, and others. This is the opportunity for all who love Nick to come together and support a truly special member of our community. $10 suggested donation.

Live at Casita del Polaris


Poster_Casita,Town Squares,20160901

Town Squares = LukeG\Tenor\Joe
Fuzzpunk oldies with noice 3-part harmonies

Johnny Dowd & the Sex Robots
Fuck yes.

Photo_Kat,Casita 20160901

Just how fun could it be? Check it out:






Live at Casita del Polaris (and Indie on Demand)

That’s Sat. 7/30, NOT Friday like Facebook is so lying about…


On another note, here’s a message from Johnny’s IndieGoGo campaign:

July 4, 2016:  We were getting requests for perks after the campaign closed, so we put the campaign into “In Demand” which makes perks available again.

Funds raised over goal will go to costs connected to Johnny’s new record and his October tour to promote it. Thanks again, everyone!


(Our chance to get another Zolar tee so the JDF crew can appear at all future Halloween parties dressed as a moving company.)

To start with, if you loved A Drunkards Masterpiece, you gotta claim this perk:

CD_Drunkardards paining

“This is a gorgeous watercolor by artist Kurt Herrmann which we reproduced on the cover of Johnny’s 2008 CD, “A Drunkard’s Masterpiece.” Painting is 6¾ x 7¾ inches (12¾ x 14¼ inches, including mat and wood frame). Matted and framed to archival standards.”

Okay, fine, we get it – what you REALLY want is a song written about you by Johnny:

The Studio,Jif,Execute2016

“Become immortalized in song. Johnny will write a song about you and record it. He’ll send it to you on CD-R, along with the handwritten lyrics. Just give him a few details about your life. Or, if you prefer, the song can be about someone or something else. Who knows, maybe it will be on Johnny’s next record? You can keep the recording to yourself or share with the world, as long as you don’t charge anyone for it. (Johnny will retain songwriting rights.)”


.This mother of all perks won’t run out, though. We know he can do it, no matter how many requests he gets, because his song book already tops 300. Fact!


Hell, be the crazy mofo that got both! But Do It NOW!


(PS Never hesitate-here’s the perk you missed:
“Hello everyone. I added a new perk today—my Electro Harmonix DRM-16. It’s almost like a band member. I used it on just about every record I’ve made. You can hear it in this video for “Betty”:
Video by Louk Voncken
(PPS Here’s the genius who got it performing awesomely Bad Songs for JD supporters one and all:  The Mouthholes )