Live @The Mohawk Dec. 7 7pm

Johnny Dowd, 7 p.m. Dec. 7, Mohawk Place (47 E. Mohawk St.), $7.

Experimental alt-country artist Johnny Dowd will be posting up at Mohawk Place for a set Saturday night.

The influential Ithaca musician is back on the road to perform songs from his well-received March effort “Family Picnic.” The record once again finds the seasoned Dowd delivering a dark and avant-garde take on Americana, full of noise, black humor and twisted tales of love and murder.

Those unfamiliar with Dowd’s brand of roots music of should look to fellow left-of-the-dial genre acts like Palace Music, Songs: Ohia and Lambchop for comparison.

Ithaca-based glam-rocker Kurt Riley also will be featured on the bill with local support provided by dreamy post-rock outfit Which Witch and minimal guitar rock group Rabbit Jaw.

 – The Buffalo News

Live @ The Silver Line

Friday at the Silver Line Tap Room: 

One of Ithaca’s true legends, Johnny Dowd settled in town in the ‘70s and never looked back, creating a body of work, varied, progressive and sharp. His music ranges from open and free alternative country, to post punk, to wild experimental density. His newest album “Execute American Folklore” is bold and individualistic, with jaunts into electronic alt-rock, funk rage and avant-garde folk rock.

Haarlems Dagblad interview with Johnny Dowd



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Oor reviews Execute American Folklore



For our English-speaking friends, here’s an amusing internet translation of the Oor review…………..And the farmer, he plowed on. After their debut in 1997 as a late bloomer to have solo, it seems this ex-68-year-old mover from New York now when working on the most productive years of his life. He writes songs galore. Meanwhile, he discovered the electronics and he is also getting better grounded in anything with strings and keys, so he has no band. Execute American Folklore is his seventh album since 2010 and then we are cooperation projects. Just like on his previous album is only present as a guest singer Anna Coogan; they may include rapping that she was suicidal. Dowd wrong textual form in blood. If not unprecedented cynical annoyances of man in general or in particular to the American song texts processed, then he’s on his way just unusually funny. ‘ My baby likes to eat Chinese, she doesn’t like to cook. ‘ In the meantime, everyone should count his blessings and let swing back and forth between electronic rhythms and melodic guitar lines that seem to stem from the sixties, between danceable and accessible and unorthodox avant-garde. Great album, with again a Dutch link: after previously Rik van Iersel (Beech Orchestra) made now kindred spirit rik (Smutfish) the beautiful cover portrait. WILLEM JONGENEELEN

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