Write something. Send it to us. Reviews, experiences, lists, photos, artwork, scribbles, thoughts, whatever comes out of that beautiful mind of yours. Let’s communicate and collaborate.

Use your social media power. Follow and tweet us and the big man Johnny D. And back ‘atcha. We The People and all that, because the record industry is not doing the job.

And of course, buy music. And I mean BUY, with that cold hard cash you earned. Go straight to his website and buy directly from Johnny. Same for any other artist you love and respect. How do you think they make a living? 3% per purchase on iTunes?

And finally, don’t forget to show up at gigs. Live music is an Endangered Species. And dance your mother loving heart out. We know that groove monkey is in you, and we’ve SEEN people dance to Johnny, so we know it’s possible.

Peace and Love,
Rocker JadeyB



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