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poster_20161117atlasCheck out the best music in T-burg this Thursday as Johnny and Mike spin the best of Garage, Blues, Psych & Soul from the 50’s-70’s!

Great food and drink speicals, plus half-priced bowling all night long at Atlas Bowl !


Johnny Dowd and I are spinning the wax from our own record collections at Atlas Bowl in Trumansburg this Thursday night. Y’all *know* what this means . . . lotsa crazy stuff, ALL killer ALL thriller NO filler! – Mike Cook


Potlista reviews Execute American Folklore



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If there is a perverse music, it is this, Johnny Dowd. Someone his music from me unfathomable reason called alternative country. It has a hint of the direction that the music of Johnny Dowd as much today in the streams of the Black Hills, the home of the Lakota Sioux, has gold dust. Therefore, it is much more present in the form of exaggerated funk bass, rap as a torrent of verbal expression and experimental music that is heard in the form of various unpleasant and poluprijatnih sounds produced by synthesizers. There are guitar solos that I regarded as one of the genre. How it all together sounds? As something that will not sell or will attract curious listener open to experimentation. Because, as much as Johnny Dowd combines incompatible, it has a groove. So, curious listener open to experimentation, thanks to the grooves that seemed right William “Bootsy” Collins and John “Jabo” Starks of unsurpassed JB’sa, will somehow swallowed operatic soul female vocalist and splintered solo on trumpet accompanied by a rhythm section in songs “Mr.Muggles”. She swims in the next, “Rhumba In The Park”, which is really rumba, but only sounds like it was sung by Bob Dylan imitators imitating Frank Sinatra. This is grafted as wrong coalesced fracture for “Whiskey Ate My Brain” which begins as a dialogue mister Dowd, whose vocals passed through the telephone with dvadesetprvovekovnom incarnation some vocal girl-groups of the sixties and ends with the guitar solo worthy of Frank Zappa in his wildest moments. Because it turned out that I did not even curious not open as much as I thought, this is for me the execution of American folklore ended. But Johnny Dowd is not so easy to give up, he continued to hit out at him more good fifteen minutes to the finishing touch, the title song. And when we thought it was all over, American folklore is again rears its ugly head in the final, “A World Without Me”. This would be almost appealing pop song (because pop is American folklore!) That the guitar is not all the time matched the melody one and the same too noisy riff. As said by the chorus: “Oh, Johnny, Johnny, you have to go.” Better you than me! (Srdjan Strajnić)

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Execute American Folklore Tour – The Band Room




Johnny Dowd 

Ticket price: £ 12.50

Please note early booking is recommended as The Band Room’s capacity is only 100. You can buy tickets securely on-line or by cheque – and prices include postage and administrative costs. There is no additional booking fee. Please email us further information.

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Johnny Dowd unveils new ‘Execute American Folklore’ CD

JIM CATALANO, Correspondent

For the past 20 years, Johnny Dowd has been honing a unique style of music that draws from blues, country, folk, rock and gospel influences to create a backdrop for his distinctive lyrics delivered in his one-of-kind vocal style – a drawling mix of singing, talking and testifying.

S3ee86-w704aturday, Dowd will unveil his latest album, the 14-song “Execute American Folklore,” at CD release show at the Rongovian Embassy in Trumansburg. The Sex Robots, which includes Anna Coogan and Michael Edmondson on guitars and vocals, will accompany Dowd at the show.


Dowd recorded all of the instruments for the next album by himself at his studio in the office of Zolar Trucking, the moving company he has co-owned with Dave Hinkle since the mid-1970s

“There are a lot of drum machines, but it still sounds live, because I tracked all the instruments live,” Dowd explained. “I wouldn’t say there’s a lyrical theme to the album, but it’s lot more coherent musically from song to song. Most of them kick off with these hip-hop drum beats, so that holds it all together.”

Local engineer Matthew Saccuccimorano once again played a key role on the album, adding a variety of sounds in the mixing and mastering process.

“Matt has been instrumental in the last three records as far as crafting a coherent sound for each record,” Dowd said. “It’s been a real collaborative process. I did what I do, and he did what he does. I might make a change or two on his mix, but it’s very minimal.” Coogan also contributed vocals to a few songs, including the lead lines on “Brains-a-Flame.”

The album title can be taken in two ways, depending on how you define “execute” – something Dowd was perfectly aware of.

“The title came out of this bad review I got in this Dutch magazine,” he explained. “In the weird translation, it came out as at one point as ‘it’s almost like he’s trying to execute American folklore.’ When I saw that, I though it was a great phrase for an album. So I had the title before I wrote any songs, but I thought it was exactly what I was trying to do on the record.”

To support the new album, Dowd and his partner Kat Dalton launched an indiegogo campaign that raised more than $17,000. Supporters were able to procure a variety of perks such as album artwork, Dowd’s much-used drum machine, and Zolar Trucking t-shirts.

“We had no idea going into it what would happen, so I was really gratified,” Dowd said. “It definitely will keep me going as a musician for another year at least.”

Dowd, 68, was something of a late starter in his music career; indeed, he was in his late 40s when his breakthrough solo album “Wrong Side of Memphis” came out in 1997. The initial burst of critical acclaim, especially in Europe, has allowed him to keep going for the ensuing two decades, which has seen the release of more than a dozen albums and a few tours of Europe and the United States.

“That’s what helped to keep me fresh,” he said. “I’ve done all my developing in public. If you start at 15, you develop and get a thing going, and that’s your thing for the next 20 years. I was better known at the very beginning – at day one – than I am now. That (acclaim) was just something that happened, but it gave me a thing I’ve been able to maintain. It didn’t end up growing bigger and bigger, but it still gave me a basic thing that a lot of people don’t ever get.”

Saturday’s show, which is Dowd’s last before taking the Sex Robots on a three-week tour of Europe, also will serve as a release for the new two-CD “Neon Baptist Live,” a compilation of songs his former band recorded at are shows between 1990 and 1992. Find out more at

Opening Saturday’s show is Park Doing, who also will be accompanying Dowd on much of his upcoming European tour. The longtime frontman of the Atomic Forces and Woody Guthrie Meets The Sun has developed a new solo act that includes lots of live looping on guitar and vocals as well as the occasional sampled sound. Visit his new website at

If You Go

Who: Johnny Dowd and the Sex Robots, with Park Doing opening

What: CD release show for “Explode American Folklore”

When: 9:30 p.m. Saturday

Where: Rongovian Embassy, 1 W. Main St., Trumansburg

Tickets: Available at the door

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No Depression reviews Execute American Folklore


Johnny Dowd
It’s hard to  believe that Dowd has 20 albums under his belt, not including his contributions to many others, including my personal favorite: a one-of-a kind revisionist/reimagination tribute to Townes Van Zandt, There’s a Hole in Heaven Where Some Sin Slips Through. 

I was fortunate to catch Dowd twice in July, where he played songs from his 21st, Executive American Folklore. I have described him before as William S. Burroughs with a guitar, with a pre/post punk mentality, mixed with alt-country.

Live, he’s a tightrope walker. But on record, the firebrand is controlled, smooth to the emotional touch as he glides — first on high, then back down to a semblance of Earth.

Dowd’s half-spoken, half-sung lyrics are like poetry set against more of an electronic backdrop that some of his other work, with a groove, a definite groove. You can also dance to it. A nice example is the segue from “Sexual Revolution” (“You’re either part of the problem or part of the pollution” with an under layer of a tortured “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” Wynette-style). That moves into the electronica of “Mr. Muggles,” punctuated with horns and the operatic vocal of Anna Coogan, where Coogan plays Klaus Nomi to Dowd’s Bowie. Then, again into “Rumba in the Park” with a Caribbean, rockabilly feel with a distant fuzzy guitar where you have found yourself in a Jim Jarmusch movie.

I don’t think Dowd has ever been more literate than on this album, with his vocals distinctly mixed so you can bask into the Beat-like delivery and imagery. The album is delivered into your hands on September 9, and is still available via Indiegogo, along with some perks. (Dowd is also included in ND’s fall issue, “Speak Up!”)


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HCTF: Streams and Updates

Johnny Dowd: stream “Presbyterian Wedding Bells” from the Neon Baptist live alum

Johnny Dowd has posted a stream of Presbyterian Wedding Bells, a track from the handmade 2CD set of rare Neon Baptist recordings, one of the perks of his campaign at Indiegogo (ends within a couple of hours from now). Punk meets rock meets Americana and all Hell breaks loose:

Here’s another live recording of my first band, Neon Baptist — a punk version of “Presbyterian Wedding Bells,“ with Jennifer Edmondson tearing it up on vocals. Recorded at The Nines, Ithaca, NY, in September 1990.

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Johnny Dowd: crowdfunding successful, stream “Paralyzed” from the Neon Baptist live recordings

photo: Kat Dalton

Johnny Dowd has posted a stream of Paralyzed, a track from the handmade 2CD set of rare Neon Baptist recordings, one of the perks of his campaign at Indiegogo to cover the expenses for recording of his new album Execute American Folklore.. He has reached his goal of $15,000:

We reached our goal at Indiegogo last evening! Thanks to everyone who contributed to my campaign for my new album, “Execute American Folkore.“ You had already opened your hearts to me, and when I asked you to open your wallets, you really came through. I can’t thank you enough.The campaign will stay open until the previously set deadline—this coming Saturday, July 2 (11:59 PM, PDT). Perks are still available until then. So if there was something you meant to get, you can do so through Saturday. Funds over the goal will also go to costs connected to the new album.

Paralyzed was recorded on April 27, 1991, at The Nines in Ithaca, NY. Besides Johnny Dowd, you’ll hear Dave Hinkle, Jennifer Edmondson, Mike Edmondson, Cally Arthur, and Max Ormond.

The headmaster of trashcan Americana will be on tour in Europe this Fall. Park Doing is the support act for the first two weeks (October 12 through 23) and Mark Lotterman for the final week (October 24 through 30).

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Live at Dreikönigskeller in Frankfurt

Johnny Dowd (* 29. März 1948 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA) ist ein US-amerikanischer Alternative-Country-Musiker, der heute in Ithaca im US-Bundesstaat New York lebt.
Typisch für Dowds Musik sind experimentelle, oft „krachige“ Störungen der auf archaischem Country, Folk und Blues, aber auch Rockabilly beruhenden Songstrukturen. Sowohl Musik als auch Texte sind zumeist von tiefer Melancholie oder sogar Schmerz geprägt, und einer Zerrissenheit, die sich u.a. an der christlichen Religiosität seiner Heimat abarbeitet. Auf der anderen Seite ist Dowd oft sehr (selbst)-ironisch und humorvoll oder auch zynisch. Seine Auftritte, die von starkem Whiskey-Konsum des Künstlers begleitet sind, gelten als äußerst intensiv.

Johnny Dowd is a preacher of sorts—not a kind, easygoing minister of God’s love but one who focuses on the punishment and consequences of poor decisions. His past records have been chronicles of man’s inability to control his base instincts and primal emotions. It makes for fascinating stories detailing the lives of morally questionable characters who aren’t always in full control of their own lives. Pairing these bucolic narratives with ragged acoustic arrangements and a deadpan vocal delivery, Dowd acts as the carnival barker beckoning us closer into his tent of wonder and dread.

Dreikönigskeller Frankfurt's photo.


Dreikönigskeller Frankfurt's photo.


I woke up this morning
With a worried mind
My eyes were jerkin’ round
in my head
The sky was bleeding


I woke up this morning With a worried mind My eyes were jerkin’ round in my head The sky was bleeding The sun was black The lilies of the valley were obscene…


Dreikönigskeller Frankfurt's photo.