Collaborations, Collections, Appearances and Other Expressions

Cat Casual & the Final Word – The Secret Self (Sonablast,2019)
Track: Honorarium (featuring Johnny Dowd)

Various – Bongo Beat Christmas (Bongo Beat Records,2015,digital download)
Track: Christmas is Just Another Day

The Chewers – Dead Dads (Rats N’Bugs Records, 2015)
Track: King Cockroach

Various ‎– Back To The Garden 15 Tracks Of The Best New Music (Uncut, 2015)
Track: Cadillac Hearse

Anna Coogan & JD Foster- The Birth of the Stars (Elevate,2014)
Track: The Birth of Stars (addt’l vocals)
Track: Simple Love (guitar)

Nate Silas Richardson and the Century Players – 1914 Reimagined –   (2014)

Various – Senga Etna – (digital/6de Kolonne,2014)
Track: Johnny Dowd’s Artistic Statement

Various – Senga Etna – (Vinyl,multiple covers?/6de Kolonne,2014)
Track: Johnny Dowd’s Artistic Statement

Various – Now Hear This! (Word Magazine,2012)
Track: Betty

The Singing Chair – City of Rats and Snakes- B2 City of Rats and Snakes (Onomatopee 80,2012)
Track: Queen of the Rats (lyrics)

New Rides Of The Furious Swampriders (Sireena records,2012)
Track: Constant Waiting

Various – Sonic Protest (2012)
Track: Wackzotica – Truus De Groot (lyrics,spoken word)

Truus De Groot – Truus Makes Waves (digital,2012)

David J & Ego Plum  – The Devil’s Muse soundtrack (Urbane Music, 2012)
Track: The Devil’s Muse (Burnt)
also DVD

Various – Tom Waits Jukebox (2011)
Track: Easy Money

Righteous / Righteous Psalm (2010)
Track: No Place to Fall (with Billy Cote)

The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project – We Are Only Riders (Glitterhouse Records, 2009)
Track: Constant Waiting

Riding The Range: The Songs Of Townes Van Zandt (Righteous,2010)
Track: No Place to Fall (with Billy Cote)

Tzar – Men in White Aprons (2010)
Track: Begin at Sunset

New Tales to Tell – A Tribute to Love and Rockets (download only) (Justice Records, October 2009)
Track: Bound for Hell (with Billy Coté)

Beukorkest – Der Kleine Hausmeister (Munich, 2008)

Jackie Leven – Lovers at the Gun Club (Cooking Vinyl, 2008)
Track: Lovers at the Gun Club (vocals)

Various – Now Hear This!  (Independent Music Awards,2008)
Track: Miracles Never Happen

Bazza Crawford –  I Dream of Beavers (Bobbin Shop, 2008)
Tracks (lead guitar):Hindu Beef
Nature Is The Shit
Rings That Bell

Jackie Leven – Oh What A Blow That Phantom Dealt Me! (Cooking Vinyl, 2007)
Track: The Skaters (vocals)

Various – There’s A Hole In Heaven Where Some Sin Slips Through: Townes van Zandt tribute (Glitterhouse records, 2007)
Track: Brand New Companion

Mark Lotterman – Pain & Entertainment (The house of music, 2007)
Track: Solitude In 10 Verses (vocals)

Burnside Distribution Americana Sampler 2006 (promotional)
Track: House of Pain

The Splendors (self released,2005)
guest guitarist, tracks unknown

Jim White Presents music from Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus (Luaka Bop, 2005)
Track: First there was a Funeral (with Maggie Brown}

Mary Lorson & Saint Low ‎– Realistic (Cooking vinyl,2005)
Track: Brand New Spring (vocals)

Various – Hope isn’t a Word – Comes with a Smile Vol. 11(Comes with a smile, 2004)
Track: Papa, Oh Papa (live)

MerleFest Live: The Best of 2003 (2004)
Track: Conscious Evolution-composer,with Jeb Puryear

Sally Timms – In the World of Him (Touch and Go, 2004)
Tracks: Corporal Chalkie (guitar)
139 Hernalser Gurtel (lyrics)
(Audio Production, Composer, Guitar (Electric), Main Personnel, Poetry, Producer)

Joejo – Cowpunk from Willseyville (ITown,2004)
(guitar and keyboards)

Various – Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture (Mute records,2002)
Track: Judgement Day

Various – Awesome II (Munich,2002)
Track: King of Emptiness

Various – Total Lee! The Songs of Lee Hazelwood (City Slang Recordings, 2002)
Track: Sleep in the Grass

Jon Langford and The Pine Valley Cosmonauts – The Executioners Last Songs Vol. 1 (Bloodshot records, 2002)
Track: Judgement Day (with Jon Langford)

Various – Gimme Shelter 17 Amazing Covers of classic Songs by The Rolling Stones (Uncut 2002)
Track: Mother’s Little Helper

Balling The Jack: The Birth Of The Nu-Blues (Ocho, 2002)
Track: A Picture From Life’s Other Side

Various – Out of the Blue Vol. 10 (Glitterhouse,2002)
Track: King of Emptiness

Jennie Stearns – Sing Desire (Blue Corn Music,2002)
Track: Garden of Delight (Composer, Guitar (Electric))

Uncut February 2001  (Uncut, 2001)
Track: Big Wave

Various – The Rough Guide to Americana (World Music Network,2001)
Track: Ft. Worth,Texas

Various ‎– Esto No Es Un Cactus (Sinedín Music, 2001)
Track: Big Wave

Various – Awesome1 (Munich, 2001)
Track: Stumble and Fall

Various – Progressions 56 (FMQB promo,2001)
Track: Vengeance Is Mine

Various ‎- Down To The Promised Land – 5 Years Of Bloodshot Records (Bloodshot Records,2000)
Track: Hell or High Water

Various – Come Fly With Us (Glitterhouse Records,2000)
Track: Pictures From Life’s Other Side

Various – Koch Entertainment Sampler 2k (Koch Records,promo 2000)
Track: Worried Mind

Various – POP99 (issued by Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant, 2000)
Track: No Woman’s Flesh But Hers

Various – The Unsound Volume 2: Guitars! (To M’Lou Music, 1999)
Track: Divorce, American Style

Various – CMJ New Music Monthly Volume 74 (College Music Journal,October 1999)
Track: God Created Woman

Various – Unconditionally Guaranteed (Uncut Magazine,June 1999)
Track: Vietnam

Various – Rare Trax Vol. 8: Unerhort! Die heimlichen Hits von 98 1999 (Rolling Stone (Germany), 1998)
Track: Just Like a Dog

Various – Rare Trax Vol. 4: Sing This All Together (See What Happens) – Stones Songs – Relativ cool gecovert  (Rolling Stone (Germany), 1998)
Track: Mother’s Little Helper

Donna the Buffalo – Rockin’ in the Weary Land (Sugar Hill Records,1998)
Track: Conscious Evolution  (composer with Jeb Puryear)

Various – Luxury Liner Vol. 3 (Glitterhouse Records,1998?)
Track: First There Was a Funeral

Various – WVBR Rocks Ithaca for AIDSWork of Tompkins County (1992)
Neon Baptist Track: Paradise O Paradise

Various – Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival Compliation 1 (c 1993) , cassette
Neon Baptist track: Barbed Wire


The Devil’s Muse Soundtrack included on Deluxe 2-Disc DVD Set (Halo 8, 2008)
Track: The Devil’s Muse (Burnt)
also released as a CD

Take Root festival 2004 Recorded October 2, 2004 Assen, The Netherlands. (Music Matters, 2004)
Tracks 17 and 18: A Man and his Wife, Johnny B. Goode

Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus (2003), BBC documentary about roots music in the US

Stray (2003),composer,features ‘Garden of Delight’ sung by Jennie Stearns

Documentaire: Johnny thuis in Ithaca, NY (Lola da Musica 16-06-99) (3voor12) (Johnny at home in Ithaca)

Documentaire: Johnny aan het werk als verhuizer (Lola da Musica 16-06-99) (3voor12) (Johnny at work as a mover)


Stick’em Up:The Poster Art of Martin Bedford:Pt 2 (2011) – several Johnny Dowd/Chicken Legs Weaver posters included

Johnny Dowd – Poems (self released, 2002) 15 Poems with Illustrations by Stahl Caso

Produced by JD

Chicken Legs Weaver – Sometime Man ( English Electric Records,2014)
production assistance

Chicken Legs Weaver – Nowhere (Riverside records, 2006)

Joejo – Cowpunk from Willseyville (ITown,2004)
and Dave Hinkle
also appears on and covered

Sally Timms – In the World of Him (Touch and Go, 2004)
also Appearances by Johnny Dowd

Tributes and Covers of Johnny

The Mouthhole Band – Name Songs (Go,Johnny,Go Go) (2016)
All tracks (inspired by)

The Fly Rods – Catch and Release (2013
Track: Johnny (inspired by)

Jeremy Burk – I Hope You Find What You’re Looking For (West Advocate Recording Company, 2009)
Track:First There Was (composer)

Sir Vincent Lone (Jackie Levin) – When the Bridegroom Comes:Songs for Women (Cooking Vinyl,2007)
Track: Breakfast With Johnny Dowd (inspired by)

Joejo – Cowpunk from Willseyville (ITown,2004)
Tracks: Bozo (composer)
Angel of Mercy (composer)

Kevin Kinsella – I-Town Revival (I-Town,2000)
Track: Just Like A Dog (inspired by)

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