Feeling Bad Tour 2018

Look out, Europe, Johnny is coming back! This time, he’ll be touring as part of a double bill with the fabulous Dutch musician and visual artist Melle de Boer. (hear his music here and here).They’ll tour the Benelux and UK in January and February.

Melle will perform songs from his new album, “Temporary Bandage,” and Johnny will perform songs from his new album “Twinkle, Twinkle” (to be released in January). They’ll also do a set together, and behind all the music will be images. This show will be unique. Don’t miss it!

Tour poster by Melle de Boer.

Altstadt   Eindhoven, Netherlands Jan 25

Grenswerk   Venlo, Netherlands Jan 26

Paradiso   Amsterdam, Netherlands Jan 27

Running Horse   Nottingham, United Kingdom Jan 28

St. Pancras Old Church  London, United Kingdom Jan 29

Tape  Colwyn Bay, United Kingdom Jan 30 with Anna Coogan

The Greystones   Sheffield, United Kingdom Jan 31

Far From Any Road Festival  Leeds, United Kingdom Feb 1 with Joana Serrat

The Band Room   Farndale, United Kingdom Feb 2

Paradox  Tilburg, Netherlands Feb 3

Rock Lobster City Lodge  Antwerp, Belgium Feb 4

Patronaat   Haarlem, Netherlands Feb 7

Paard   The Hague, Netherlands Feb 8

Worm   Rotterdam, Netherlands FEB 9

Tivoli Vredenburg Cloud 9    Utrecht, Netherlands Feb 10

Kloveniersdoelen   Middelburg, Netherlands Feb 11

 – Courtesy of JohnnyDowd.com


If two people mine the same territory long enough, they’ll eventually meet. Johnny Dowd and Melle de Boer have been digging deep into the human soul for a long time. Like Orpheus, they go to the underworld and make beautiful songs about their journeys. Now their journeys are coming together in a collaborative performance.

They will tour the Benelux and the UK as a double bill in January and February 2018. They’ll play their songs, old songs, new songs. It won’t be a sleepy singer-songwriter night. It will be electric, chaotic, hard and ugly, soft and beautiful. They’ll combine their individual stories to provide a new, unforgettable, and unique performance.

They’ll each do a set of their own songs, then together they will perform a set of traditional songs interpreted in an unconventional way. Johnny Dowd will be joined by Mike Edmondson (vocals, guitar), and Melle de Boerwill be joined by Suzanna Ypma (vocals, drums, synthesizer).

They are both releasing new albums. Melle comes to terms with his parents’ separation, and Johnny does his unique take on old American songs. Both albums are traditional, but not corny. Full of electricity and necessity.

 – Sedate Bookings

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