Johnny vs Krampus

gruss_vom_krampusSure, you can support great music .008 cents at a time on Spotify, but you can also score a deal just a couple digits to the left of the decimal place directly from the Man at the Johnny Dowd website.

Check out this message from Kristmas Kat:

Here’s a brand new Johnny song for you.

Johnny wrote and recorded this for The Mouthhole who commissioned the song via his Indiegogo campaign earlier this year. The Mouthhole is a Nashville-based house venue run by Michael Sadler, Zac Caffrey, and Travis Caffrey. It hosts regular parties that feature live music, art, theater, and all things bizarre. It’s home to weirdo rock band The Chewers and electronic monkey man Chop Chop Chang.
Michael, Zac, and Travis created their own fund-raising campaign to raise money for their Johnny song in which they also wrote songs for donors. They wrote 36 songs altogether which are awesome! Be sure to check them out here. There’s even one written for Johnny.

We’ve added some new merch to the store page

— Neon Baptist CDs: Two disks of live recordings of Johnny’s first band in handmade package including photo of Johnny from that era.

Zolar t-shirts: Shirts worn by employees of Johnny’s moving company. Become an honorary Zolar employee!

7-inch vinyl: Johnny song on one side and Mark Lotterman song on the other.

We’ve also slashed the prices of older CDs. Maybe some of your friends and family would like Johnny music for Christmas? Or maybe Johnny’s song “Christmas is Just Another Day” would suit you? (It’s on the Cemetery Shoes CD.) All CDs will be autographed.


Here are folks majorly digging some objects-yes,actually objects-from Johnny. Some are IndieGoGo perks, some long time collections (we’d love to see yours!):


A Note from from The Mouthhole:

A man named Johnny Dowd had a good idea, so we stole it. To raise money for his next album, living legend
Johnny Dowd offered a reward on a crowdfunding website:
for $1000 he would write a song about you.
The residents of The Mouthhole
Nashville’s weirdest house venue, wanted a Johnny Dowd song about us, but we are poor.
We decided – we should raise crowdfunding
to donate to Johnny Dowd’s crowdfunding and get a song made about The Mouthhole.

And what would our offered reward be? We’ll make songs too. If you donate even $1 we will make a song about you.
So we did. You are now holding a collection of rewards. They were recorded quickly and efficiently in order to keep the flow (and there ended up being 36 of them).

Each member of The Mouthhole Band rotated instruments for each song. Lyrics, with occasional exception, were written
by committee. We raised approximately $760 dollars. Johnny Dowd made us a song anyway, because he liked our idea that we stole from him.
He named the song “The Mouthhole”.
We named this album “Name Songs”.


released November 21, 2016

The Mouthhole Band is
Michael Sadler
Zac Caffrey
Morgan Ames
Travis Caffrey


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