Humo Interviews Johnny Dowd – Show at The Dairy



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This Saturday doing utterly unique American Johnny Dowd (68), international cult hero since you are always recommended documentary “Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus” (2005), for our country are only Belgian concert this year. Do Not Forward, AB or Trix – rooms that one based on the man’s repute would expect – but in modest GC The Dairy in Zemst. His new album bears the intriguing title “Execute American Folklore.

Johnny Dowd “I got that stole from a Dutch magazine about traditional country music. My last record was discussed in it, “That’s Your Wife on the back of my horse,” and wrote the reviewer of service that they sounded like I was in one blow so many hundreds of years tried to execute on American folklore. He meant, of course negative, but I thought it was a cool expression. I immediately thought: ‘That is the title of my new album.’ ”

Humo terms wacky plate and song titles, you also have to keep a reputation. I think “A Drunkard’s Masterpiece,” “Putting Lipstick on a Pig” and it has just been cited ‘That’s Your Wife on the back of my horse. ” Also worth noting: “Ding Dong,” a song that you two minutes to turn a piece of the thing stuffed.

Dowd (amused) “We used to kill That One live. Eventually we were twelve minutes at a time to the thing bargained until everyone in the audience was seasick. “Ding Dong” is indeed typical of such a number in which the title came first, and then the rest of the song. Same with ‘Whiskey Ate My Brain, “from the new album: once such a title is your shot to inside, the rest is child’s play”.

Humo How autobiographical is that title?

Dowd «In my younger years, I have some whiskey opposition, but now I am quite some years pretty dry. A few beers, a few cigarettes, occasional marijuana more use I do not. Small portions, huh – large portions for when you’re young. I know people who have started large portions on their 17th, and still have not changed their 65th. not left me, but I could not do what I do when I sloshed drank every night. ”

HUMO Do you like it still tour life?

Dowd “Oh yeah. At home I have a wonderful wife and seventeen great cats, but exists for me there really is nothing better than touring. Every night, just before we go, I tell the band “. Let’s have some fun ‘That’s it, huh? I mean, I worked in my life – before I became a mover, I’ve held rotbaantjes – so I know the difference between real work and on tour. Let me tell you: on tour, that’s not working “.

Humo you sit really still in the moving business?

Dowd “Yep. This morning I have a piano loaded into my truck. ”

Humo At your age?

Dowd “Make no mistake: I have the body of a 19-year-old. Come and see, haha. “(Nj)

 – Translation by Google


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