Execute American Folklore Tour – The Islington



Johnny Dowd’s new record is called “Execute American Folklore” – a grum title for a jolly record. It will be released in September Once again he played all the instruments, with assistance from his trusty drum machines. Anna Coogan contributed some really fine vocals. “I think this is the best stick-in-your-CD-player-and-drive-around record I have made. It has some killer grooves, if I do say so myself. I hope you dig it.” The album will be released early fall.

Ever since Johnny Dowd made his first record in 1997, “Wrong Side of Memphis,” he has been the alternative to the alternative. He has walked a twisted path through nearly every genre of American music. Each of his dozen albums has been an equal mix of Hank Williams and Captain Beefheart. Along the way, he has collaborated with artists as diverse as Jim White and The Mekons and toured with Neko Case and Beukorkest.


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JDF note:

20161015lotterman_tourThis is Mark Lotterman‘s first show of the tour-sure to be killer!



6 thoughts on “Execute American Folklore Tour – The Islington

  1. There’s a psychedelic thing going on in this new set-up. I mean, three guitars and a drum machine: berserk, but how well it works.

    Good to speak to Johnny & Mike and blimey, Anna Coogan has a pure voice.

    See you next year.


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