Execute American Folklore Tour – Patronaat




The Texan musician Johnny Dowd represents years almost single-handedly earth dark side of the country. As one of Willie Nelson gothic variant sings and he discusses his life and suffering in texts that are sometimes straightforward, sometimes absurd, but usually both. Like his literary counterpart Charles Bukowski he debuted late: not until his fiftieth he released his first solo album. On his album No Regrets (2012) Dowd treated several women in his life – constant innovator who he is – he put his strength in numbers with electronic beats. And now latest album That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse (2015), he crosses yet another middle finger to all prefabricated wannabe-a-lookalike bands where the music industry is so rich, since the invention of the wax cylinder …

Supporting act during (much of) the tour is creative folk centipede Park Doing.   Originating from the brutal caverns of the punk rock he never afraid to return, and leave as easily fixed and familiar paths as he walks. Adventure still exists, and Park Doing proves that – at a gallop!
(In English: Park uses looped live vocals and guitar, beats, atmospheric sounds, morse code, and other samples to create a very cool experimental folk music He started out as a punk rocker, playing at the famous CBGB and Bowery Ballroom in New. York. His current musical project is the space folk opera, “Woody Guthrie Meets the Sun”)

Photos: Cat Dalton

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