Execute American Folklore Tour

Johnny Dowd tours Europe this month with “Execute American Folklore

To try to categorize Johnny Dowd: Ithaca, New York’s legendary, idiosyncratic genius, is like trying to hold back a hurricane with a windbreak. It’s just not possible.To do so would be foolhardy, to say the least.

Far from trying to alienate an audience, or create his own chin-stroking niche, for his tenth album, Execute American Folklore, that has been released half September, Dowd has delivered his most accessible yet. As he says: “I thought every record I made, with the exception of Wrong Side of Memphis, would be my ticket into the main stream and big record sales. The fact that I have been wrong each time doesn’t discourage me.”

From the opening bars of “Unease and Deviance” to the final, sing-along joviality of “A World Without Me” a duet with the fabulous Anna Coogan who floats through the album with unrestrained glee, it’s clear that Johnny has had a great deal of fun making this record.

Held together with pulsating rhythms and drive, beatbox and synths pumping out mercurial beats while Dowd’s unmistakable tones pierce the songs like a maniacal cheerleader for the masses, Dowd charts a territory bordered by futuristic funk on one side and exploratory electronica on the other. Dowd’s aural playground is a place for everyone to gorge themselves on the fine fruits of a master aural manipulator at play.


Mark Lotterman followed Johnny Dowd on his European tour in 2015

Execute American Folklore not only pushes the envelope one step further for a musician who tore up the rule book years ago, it reaffirms Dowd’s place as one of America’s creative ambassadors of invention, mirth, and sonic wonderment. Hell, this is even a Dowd record you can dance to! And so can you, as he will be on tour in Europe all October!

12-10-2016: Haarlem (NL) @ Patronaat *
13-10-2016: Norderstedt (DE) @ Music Star *
14-10-2016: Krefeld (DE) @ Kulturrampe *
15-10-2016: Zeist (NL) @ De Peppel *
17-10-2016: Zurich (CH) @ El Lokal *
19-10-2016: Bristol (UK) @ The Thunderbolt *
20-10-2016: Liverpool (UK) @ Dumbulls *
21-10-2016: Bovey Tracey (UK) @ Edgemoor Hotel *
22-10-2016: North York Moorse (UK) @ The Band Room *
23-10-2016: Glasgow (UK) @ O2 ABC2 Glasgow *
24-10-2016: Colwyn Bay (UK) @ Tape Community
25-10-2016: London (UK) @ The Islington º
26-10-2016: Eye (UK) @ The Bank Eye º
27-10-2016: Sheffield (UK) @ Greystones º
29-10-2016: Zemst (BE) @ GC De Melkerij º
30-10-2016: Eindhoven (NL) @ Bureau Beukorkest at TAC º

Dates marked with º will be opened by Mark Lotterman, all marked with * by Park Doing.

 – Original Article

Johnny Dowd Hits UK for Tour This Month

  • By Mark Whitfield

Apparently to try and categorize Johnny Dowd – Ithaca, New York’s legendary idiosyncratic genius – is like “trying to hold back a hurricane with a windbreak. It’s just not possible or indeed beneficial. To do so would be foolhardy , to say the least.”  If anyone has tried, do drop us a line.  Anyway you can read our review of his new album “Execute American Folklore” here or find out for yourself when he hits the UK in a couple of weeks for a string of dates.

Johnny Dowd 2016 UK Dates

19th October – The Thunderbolt. BRISTOL
20th October – Dumbulls, LIVERPOOL
21st October – Edgemoor Hotel, BOVEY TRACEY
22nd October – Band Room, FARNDALE
23rd October – ABC2, GLASGOW
24th October – TAPE Community Arts, OLD COLWYN
25th October – The Islington, LONDON
26th October – The Bank Eye, EYE
27th October – Greystones, SHEFFIELD

Author: Mark Whitfield

Mark Whitfield is the long-suffering editor of Americana UK, conceiving the idea in a dark room in 2001, although he ran out of words to personally review anything in about 2007.

 – Original Article

Johnny Dowd Band

I am boarding a jet plane (or a prop plane, as the case will be out of the tiny Ithaca airport) to Amsterdam on Monday, to join Johnny Dowd on his European CD release tour. Looking forward to Dutch cheese, coffee, Belgium beers, and British egg and cress sandwiches. Onward. Dates listed on my tour page, or at http://www.johnnydowd.com.

 – Anna Coogan


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