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Johnny Dowd is sometimes in the same dingy alley musical signaled where Waits, Cave and then Captain Beefheart himself quit on quirky music built stories in which characters often figure in the society.

Dowd has meanwhile exceeded and the mark of 65, not afraid to experiment.This is evident from the impressive long list of players that he delivered since it dates from ’95 and originally released on cassette Wrong Side Of Memphis, he already approaching fifty. Dowd grew up in Texas, Memphis and Oklahoma and put the moving company Zolar Moving Company in Ithaca, New York, which job he combines with his music.

On his new LP takes its elderly beatbox a prominent place, together with the distorted parties on keyboards and guitar, Dowd responds personally, the result is erratic but danceable stuff on witness unease and Disease. The bizarre 3:29:48 (birthdate Dowd) recounts his or fictional life story. The patter on funky grafted Last Laugh he talks about his parents. Sexual Revolution is not a happy story.Moreover, he places himself with his cold patter and explicit, often absurd beyond the usual harmonic structures of alt country and Americana. In Mr. Muggles dives for the first time trusted partner Anna Coogan to play with high thin. Rhumba In The Park is just a light snack.

Titles like Whiskey Ate My Brain and Brains-a-Flame make the ominous expectations entirely true while the monotonous rhythm this effect strengthened with resounding slides and understated vocal contribution of Coogan. The repetitive scansion in the extracted through the wringer Execute American Folklore sound like a ruthless reckoning. And A World Without Me duet with Coogan sounds at times as onscure garage rock from the sixties.

We now know for some time that Johnny Dowd withdrawal is far outside the regular circuit, it almost creates its own niche. Moreover, the musical outlaw knows how to surprise each time with each new assignment.That’s no different with the come with the help of fundraising achieved Execute American Folklore, a quirky musical statement which expanded Dowd will propose at the European tour in October.


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