Message from Johnny to You

Only ONE day left of John’s IndieGoGo campaign. C’mon, we can DO this! If not for this underappreciated genius of trashcan Americana, then for the crazy perks. It’s a Win-Win.

Testifying from The Fall forum:

Drjohnrock – May 29, 2016 03:34 AM (GMT)

The loophole in the topic question is “bought”, as opposed to listened to. I pledged at the $100.00 level on Johnny Dowd’s IndieGoGo campaign, which means my premiums will include Johnny’s forthcoming album, Execute American Folklore. Johnny has a video in connection with the campaign that contains a couple of snippets from it, and they sound great. I’ll also get two live Neon Baptist (Johnny’s first band) CDs. All three will arrive in the mail in August. Really looking forward to hearing them.

The link to Johnny’s IndieGoGo campaign is in a post I recently made in the Johnny Dowd Appreciation Thread. Pledge today!

(Update 07/216: The campaign is over, but the perks are still available. Check out this closing message from Go Johnny Go Go:

This marks the end of our Go Go Johnny Go Go Campaign. He reached his goal and he agreed to write the song for what we raised! So you all made it happen! Johnny Dowd is gonna write and record a song about The Mouthhole! Thank you so much for your support. We have had, and are still having a blast making these songs for you. If you’re waiting for your song, it is on the way. We are posting them at the link below and individually on Youtube. )



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