Johnny Dowd releases the Neon Baptists

Hopefully you’ve already contributed to Johnny’s IndieGoGo campaign and claimed whatever  killer perk your heart desires. If you haven’t…SHAME! Get on it! We’ll wait here.


Okay, good job.


First off is the Holy Grail of early Johnny Dowd stuff-a double Neon Baptist CD set. Seriously, we hear from folks hunting for the rare Neon Baptist cassettes all the time. And we personally know half a dozen folks with as many bootleg tapes as your average DeadHead.
Jennifer Dowd's original bass head

Jennifer Dowd’s original bass head

Below is ALMOST the earliest incarnation of Neon Baptist, courtesy of the Johnny Dowd website:
 - photo by Kat Dalton

– photo by Kat Dalton

“Neon Baptist, circa 1991. Front, left to right: Johnny Dowd, Cally Arthur. Back, left to right: Dave Hinkle, Mike Edmondson, Jennifer Dowd. Not shown: Max Ormond. Photo by Kat Dalton.

Here’s a little treat for you: a free download of Johnny’s song “Testify,” performed by his band Neon Baptist on January 11, 1991, at The Haunt in Ithaca, New York.
(Editors note: Get the free download at Johnny’s website. Just scroll down….and down…)
Band members, in addition to Johnny (vocals/guitar), were Dave Hinkle (bass), Mike Edmondson (guitar), Jennifer Dowd (drums/vocals), Cally Arthur (vocals), and Max Ormond (guitar).

If you would like Johnny to put out a CD of live Neon Baptist recordings, please let us know via the contact page. He has a lot, possibly enough good ones for a double-CD release.”

(Editors note: YEAH we did-and HE did!)

 – Thanks to Johnny’s website November 7, 2015

The Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance started a long time back as a concert to benefit local AIDS support organization AIDSwork at the State Theater in Ithaca NY. Featured artists were Donna the Buffalo and pals The Horse Flies, and Neon Baptist.

Poster_Neon Baptist,Grassroots1990
(Click for the only current You Tube clips of one of the Neon Baptist incarnations performing at the Grassroots Festival. Anybody have more in the vaults?)


The double cd available at John’s IndieGoGo includes mixes of live performances from multiple venues – if you loved NB back in the day, you were AT one of these!
Webclip_Neon Baptist CD
 A word from someone who knows:

If the right people get their hands on these Neon Baptist records you’ll be famous again.

Yours Truly,
Matthew Saccuccimorano
Moonbase Alphalfa


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