Execute American Folklore Release and Tour Dates

Hello everyone,

Moving along with my new album project. Cover is designed. Art is by Melle de Boer and design is by Kat Dalton. Thanks to both of them.

Thanks also to all of you who have contributed to my Indiegogo campaign.

Please help spread the word if you haven’t already, so I can get this project out into the world!

Here’s the link again:

Johnny Dowd at IndieGoGo


May 17, 2016

Johnny Dowd. Photo by Kat Dalton.

Johnny Dowd. Photo by Kat Dalton.

I just finished my new album, “Execute American Folklore.” I’m really happy with it. I think it’s the most danceable one yet.

I’ll launch an Indiegogo campaign next week, because I need your help to get this album into your hands. There will be lots of cool perks for supporters (hint: Neon Baptist fans will be pleased). Will post the Indiegogo link next Monday or Tuesday.

(JDF Editors note: Done and Done! )

My October European tour is booked. Just have a couple dates to fill; all the other shows are confirmed. Band members Mike Edmondson and Anna Coogan will be coming, and Park Doing will be support for the first half of tour and Mark Lotterman for the second half. Looking forward to seeing my friends on the other side of the pond! You can check out the schedule on my tour page here.

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