KindaMusik reviews That’s Your Wife


Google translation:

Johnny Dowd, aka the singing mover, late again what is heard. After he made his debut late in life in 1997 with the album Wrong Side of Memphis, an album full of grim and bare folk songs, he has never released the same album. And that is quite an achievement for someone who claims to have no musical talent. Singing has never been able to play guitar and is something he has mastered during his many appearances.

Even with this rather chaotic album enters the maniacal singer again in many new areas and in dark alleys. By which unabashedly gnawing crows vocals and often devilish theme continues all incidentally keep in a dismal Americana accent. As you may be wondering how a pastor with a beatbox sounds, then gives the spoken word of “The Devil Do not Bother Me ‘a good idea. The stiff hip-hop ‘White Dolemite “with lascivious vocals of Anna Coogan, sounds like a filthy mess of The Cramps, Tom Waits and an anonymous street rapper from the ghetto of New Orleans. “Dear John Letter” is hitting techno for rednecks. You can find it at least fascinating.

If there is no such thing as an industrial country music yet, Johnny Dowd has invented That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse.. To the average american lover will sound like Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed or backwards for my part Draaiorgel The Arab . There must be someone recognizes the genius of these outrageous antics in this crazy world. If there is room in a museum for a peanut butter floor, there also will be someone who will care of Johnny Dowd.

draaiorgel De Arabier

draaiorgel De Arabier

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