Live at the Lincoln Center David Rubenstein Atrium


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Johnny Dowd and his band return to New York City after a 10-year hiatus during which Dowd built a large and passionate following in Europe, and released five albums of his unique, alternative blues filtered through country, rock, R&B, experimental, and electronic lenses. The night also spotlights a performance by Bent Knee, a genre-defying, art-rock collective from Boston. The Independent Music Award program continues its 15-year commitment to raising the profile of extraordinary indie artists, labels and their releases.

– Lincoln Center event

– IMA event

Noisy alt-country outsider Johnny Dowd will be performing two hometown shows in Ithaca this month. He returns to New York for a free show @ David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center on March 10 as part of the Independent Music Awards program. Also on the bill: indie art rock band Bent Knee.

By Hans Werksman,

Photo_Anna Coogan and Johnny Dowd

Dear friends….here’s the latest in the world of Johnny Dowd:

He has a new band member: the talented Anna Coogan (shown above with Johnny). She’ll be performing with Johnny and Mike Edmondson at the Lincoln Center show on March 10 and will also be on the European tour in October.

If you’re in the New York City area, do try to catch the Lincoln Center show—Johnny doesn’t get to New York very often. It’s in the David Rubenstein Atrium and free. It’s one of the Independent Music Awards’ (IMA) two shows a year at the Atrium. Thanks again to Martin Folkman at IMA for inviting Johnny to do this. Click here for more information about the show.

Johnny also wanted me to tell you he is clean-shaven now (no more beard or mustache).


ReviewPress_Lincoln Ctr,johnnydowd site,20150310

Webclip_Lincoln Ctr,annacoogan

A little JD history for you:

>Alt. Country Album Winner for Cruel Words 7th Annual  Independent Music AwardsJudge >8th Annual Independent Music Awards



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