Live at The Rongo IMOP (Ithaca Musicians Office Party)


Poster_Rongovian,20151220,IMOPLive Auction! Fabulous Food! Lovely Libations!

Join us as we celebrate the season with friends and music and raise funds to support our dear friend, Leah Houghtaling at the IMOP !.

Schedule of Events:

4pm – Johnny Dowd & Michael Edmondson
4:30 – Beverly Stokes & Brooks Miner
5pm – Steve Gollnick & Billy Cote
5:30 – Jennifer Middaugh, Michael Stark, Zaun Marshburn & Brian Dozoretz
6:30 – Park Doing
7pm – Bronwen Exter with Jennifer Middaugh, Mike Stark, John Young, Jason Shegogue & Matthew Saccuccimorano
7:30 – Jennie Lowe Stearns with Mike Stark, Brian Dozoretz, and Matthew Saccuccimorano

With the Mighty Mickie Quinn as your Mistress of Ceremonies.

$10 Suggested Donation

Exciting update- there will be a LIVE auction between performances. Items like a box of Q. Cassetti’s greeting cards, Johnny Dowd’s Cider Vinegar, a massive gift basket from Myer Farm Distillers, and services like babysitting, custom design work, and HAVING YOUR ALBUM MASTERED will all be up for grabs.

Record Mastering by Matt Saccuccimorano $500 Value
Custom Illustration by Mickie Quinn $200 Value
Big Box of Q. Cassetti Gift Cards $75 Value
Massive Basket of Myer Farm Distillers Liquor $270 Value
An original Q. Cassetti Day of the Dead painting 48” x 36”  $500 Value
Rongo Gift Pack: T-Shirt, Pint Glass, Sticker, and a $10 Gift Certificate $45 Value
A bottle of Johnny Dowd’s apple cider vinegar and a copy of “That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse” Priceless

Promo_Ithaca Journal,IMOP,headline,2015Promo_Ithaca Journal,IMOP,2015,JohnnyPromo_Ithaca Journal,IMOP,2015

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