Live at The Dock: A Benefit for Bernie Sanders



So many reason to show up at The Dock …..

Don Bazley:

Each year for my birthday party I hold a benefit for a person or organization. Usually, these parties have been “tribute shows”. This year it’s a tribute to democracy in association with Ithaca/Tompkins County for Bernie Sanders. Come early and learn how you can get involved to help Bernie win the White House.

A suggested donation of $10 will be accepted at the door with hopes folks will give more to support the campaign. There will be different ways to donate to both/either the national campaign or the local effort.

Party goes from 4:00pm-12:00.

Music by:

Fly Rods
Common Railers
Johnny Dowd
Park Doing
Alter Koker
Sonic Rust
Bad Hand
Glacial Erotics
Jeannie Burns
Wonder Monday (solo)
Dan Aloi
Alan Rose


Message from Bernie:

so, please take photos or video of the event, and post them to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #Bernie2016. Also please send them to

Nationwide Musicians for Bernie day


thaca Musicians for Bernie Sanders: Benefit Concert report
Don Bazley’s benefit concert for Bernie Sanders was a great success!  Many people came out, the musicians and the setting were super, and we added  about 70 new supporters to our Bernletter mailing list! We also raised $2102 to send to the national campaign and sent quite a few people home with Bernie t-shirts, bumper stickers and so forth.

There was a lot of interest (among musicians and attendees) in doing another event.  We’d just need a location and some people to help organize it!

If you missed this event, a number of the musicians donated CD’s of their music to the “cause” — stop by our campaign office at 215 The Commons, make a donation, and you can take home some music (along with a button or bumper sticker…)

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