Le Cri du Coyote Review of ‘That’s Your Wife…’

ReviewPress_ Le Cri du CoyoteJohnny Dowd is indeed a prolific storyteller. ‘That’s Your Wife On The Back Of My Horse’ is not background music. It’s twisted, distorted, nightmarish, strange, stuffed with dark humor and dark thoughts. Johnny does exactly what he wants, using all available tools around, guitars, drum machines, cheap vintage synths, crumpled poems and southern accent included. Johnny is this delightful uncle who says unbelievable things after a few drinks, and, of course, who’s seriously discussing about philosophy with crickets. Johnny Dowd, is the type that scares your daughter and makes a little too much noise when everyone’s gone to bed. He trades blues (Cadillac Hearse), poisoned ballads (Why?) and never gets tired. These are all reasons why the world needs Johnny Dowd now. Just trust me.

Eric Supparo

One thought on “Le Cri du Coyote Review of ‘That’s Your Wife…’

  1. definitely we need Johnny Dowd, but knowing him as i doI have to say that the one thing he wouldn’t do is scare your daughter.


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