Live at The Brightspark Electric Folk Festival Ithaca NY

Poster,Banner_brightspark,20150926We are happy to host our friends and musical comrades at our freewheeling, intimate, outdoor show in the afternoon in Brooktondale. New in the lineup for the festival this year is the Johnny Dowd Band and the beautiful songwriting and performing talents (not that Johnny’s not beautiful!) of Jennie Stearns and Mary Lorson🙂 We also welcome the high school upstarts Residual Blue, welcome back the young surrealist folk punks The Ithaca Bottom Boys. Straight from LA – Park Doing and Eric Laine will perform parts of their space folk opera ‘Woody Guthrie Meets the Sun’, The Tin Teardrops will show off their roots folk punk stylings, Bad Hand (Nick Gilbert Solo) will show that one person is all that is needed for country rock (Park Doing might enlist some others for more country rock), and we will top it all off with a cosmic dance off from Gravitational Waves☺ The order of the bands (as of now) is:

Residual Blue
Woody Guthrie Meets the Sun
Mary Lorson
Park Doing
Jennie Stearns
Johnny Dowd
The Tin Teardrops
Bad Hand
First North American Lunar
Ithaca Bottom Boys
Gravitational Waves

-Park Doing – Brightspark Records


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