D4Share Review of That’s Your Wife


4 thoughts on “D4Share Review of That’s Your Wife

  1. When I first listened to That’s your wife…, I thought it was some sort of farewell: the inspired reworking of older songs, the lyrics of Teardrops and that little coda at the end referencing “The girl who made me sick”. I’m glad I was totally mistaken. Certainly, elpee of the year although it’s GARGON (surely Johnny’s Spotlight Kid!!!) spinning at the moment.


    • It certainly seems like “That’s Your Wife” came out of some sort of seminal life event, which is part of what makes it my one of my top three Johnny Dowd albums (nope, not saying). As for a farewell…there’s at least two collaborations and a 2016 EU tour coming that I know of, so I expect to hear album number, what?, 28? in 2016.


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