Live at the Rongo with Anna Coogan

2 duos, lots of noise, expect cross-pollination…

Banner_Rongo,CooganWillie B_ Johnny DowdMike EdmondsonI think the grit is Mike Edmondson, but Anna will soon be traveling the world with Willie B…

Review,PressRelease_Rongo,Anna,20150808,Ithaca TimesArtistry indeed….


“Now I’m going to do something I normally don’t do and I really hate doing, but I feel I should just to show my versatility. I will sing and play a song simultaneously.”
“I’m truly shameless. I’ll do anything for applause. People don’t realize this.”
                                                – Johnny Dowd, The Rongo 2015/08

4 thoughts on “Live at the Rongo with Anna Coogan

  1. Clearly Mr Dowd is an international phenomenon but a gig at the embassy of Rongovia must be an honor.

    I’m envious of the Rongovians laboring to represent their country here…tough sledding indeed if the only rent affordable is in Trumansburg, NY…but I digress..

    Envious because there is always something infectious when Mr Dowd includes an ethereal voice that it seems only a woman can provide for the counterpoint lurking in many of his songs..


      • If you are making an offer, when the advance check clears my credit union.

        Although I know little more about this artist than the average cult follower, I do know a person who is very close to him. Unfortunately, he is tight lipped so might be obligated to put air quotes around the adjective, true.

        I love writing but I’ve discovered that I don’t always get the facts right. So if we were to make it an electronic book, the meaning of true has greater elasticity. It would be, like, kitties, so online.


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