Mekons Tour Round Two: Portsmouth

Waiting to go on at the 3S Art Space. Ain’t they cute?

3S Artspace also had a very nice green room, and The Mekons did not fall off the stage at any point.

Actually taken during sound check, but you get the idea:

Mekons rocking the Space:


“The Mekons are a band that can make you laugh, then they can tear your head off, so at the end of the night, you’ll be a laughing corpse.  

                                                                             – Johnny Dowd,2015 Mekons tour

After hours party of friends:

Johnny: I’ll stand up so you can admire my shirt.

Audience: Nice shirt!

Johnny: Yeah. One of the Mekons described it as sort of like a disco pirate shirt. And that’s a place I’m comfortable being. What do you think,ladies? Not bad,eh?

Audience: General cat calls.

Johnny: (laughs) That’s the thing.. When you get old, you can say just stupid shit. It’s like being a little baby, a little baby that’s shit their pants. ‘OOOh, it’s so cute.’ Same thing when you get old. Thank God.


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