Mekons Tour Round One: Cleveland and Harrisburg

On the way to Cleveland for the first of four shows supporting the Mekons, John and Mike had lunch in Sherman NY, where you can get taxidermy services and your portrait painted, but may be hard put to find lunch. After a few false starts (meth head den, empty pizza parlor) the word Diner led to food. John says only order breakfast in strange diners, but I have been getting chili in every strange establishment, following his previous apparently humorous advice to Mike to always do so, if he was going to go ahead and eat three airline meals in a row anyway. Then we listened Primus.
Heads up, touring bands-Pennsylvania charges an outrageous amount in

tolls, and all the road repairs detours and diversions are completely unmanned.

The Music Box Supper Club

Nice digs for the band, plenty of munchies and the best Gumbo outside of Louisiana. Thanks to owner Collen, ace sound engineer Patrick and the very busy Casey. And of course The Mekons.

Photo_Jif,MusicBox20150716Somehow the crowd made up for the fact that hey were lined up at tables facing sideways and managed to groove to the  music. If you came late and missed part of John’s half hour set, we feel sorry for you! Especially if you  missed Sally sitting in on Why, Why, Why , which she had listened to only moments before…in a different key…

Afterwards chaos at the merch table, with Johnny and all forty-seven Mekons signing and selling. These bands are really accessible folks, and their fans clearly appreciate it.

Herr St Stage



Just regular folks?


Nope.                                                        PIRATES!


“You don’t have to have a big hat to play country, just a big head. “

                                                                     – Johnny Dowd,HMAC 2015





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