Felicia’s Show Reviewed by Johnny

We were at this show when Kat  took John’s photo-a real treat to see two fine artists at work at the same time!

Thanks to JohnnyDowd.com for the following post:


June 8, 2015

Tested out my “concept” last night at Felicia’s (Ithaca): Mike Edmondson playing the Korg Wavedrum and yours truly on the baritone guitar. A few kinks to work out before we hit the road with The Mekons, but, overall, we made a glorious racket. I’ll be posting some examples soon.
The 7-inch vinyl I made with Mark Lotterman is now available on the store page at my site. Sending to U.S. addresses only because shipping it to Europe is very expensive. But if you are in Europe and really want one, please send us a message via the contact page, and we can let you know the cost. Only have 15 copies.
A lovely Romanian woman, Ruxandra Stoian, interviewed me for her blog. You can read the interview here.

— Johnny

Photo: Johnny Dowd at Felicia’s June 7, 2015, by Kat Dalton


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