Proximus Reviews ‘That’s Your Wife…’

Johnny Dowd – That’s your wife on the back of my horse
-translation by Google

“Life begins at 50 ‘: Johnny Dowd is already a kite rises. The quirky American songwriter gave up his job as a mover and started bringing out plates. Seventeen years after his debut after Wrong Side of Memphis is Dowd now in its fourteenth (!) Full-length, productivity is much younger colleagues should provide the blush on the cheeks. That’s your wife on the back of my horse is an uncompromising , strange and extremely daring plate, which Dowd are grainy americana cover with an industrial, noisy sauce. Drum Computers, spacey synths, relentless electric guitars, Johnny’s outrageous nomination and sardonic, arid texts on the fringes of ‘smalltown USA, “a good spanking, bad women or deals with the devil: easy listening, it is not. Between all these infernal songs is also a stunning country duet, Why, like a beautiful rose that you find on a dirty car. The end of this impressive record is downright memorable. Dowd after some imaginary spectators thanked and you hear some people applaud hesitantly says a voice. “The scary troubadour has left the building / with your wife on the back of his horse” Run for intrepid music lovers, this record.

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