That’s Your Wife Tour Day 20 – The End



img_3158Met with Jair, counted cd’s, repacked Johnny, off to Artists on the Road, who opened up shop on a Sunday to receive us.

Then to Eindhoven, to find a parking place in advance of Kings Day. Up late visiting with artist Rik Van Iersel and his wife Agnes. Unfortunately, there was no spaghetti.img_3298

Johnny Dowd:
 Day 20 (end) Spent a couple of days at the end of the tour with my buddy Rik van Iersel and his lovely wife Agnes. Rik and I did some recording and made a dance video.



Tour report from Johnny:
Things lost: toothbrush and toothpaste, two beautiful egg holders (gift from Pim and Niek), eyeglasses.
    A tour is kind of like a rabbit’s tail, too short or too long. Depends if you are coming or going.
Stayed with Pim and Niek Hoogland after the show in Krefeld, Germany. Potters. They live on the grounds of a monastery. The nuns dress in pink and have taken a vow of silence. The priests do the shopping.
    I met a blind Kung Fu master in Brighton. He used to manage bands, talked like a pirate and offered to manage me. Wonderful fellow. Irish, I think.
Did a bunch of shows with Mr. Mark Lotterman, a Dutch singer, songwriter, and extraordinary talent. He is a prince of a fellow. We may do an album together about a woman from Denmark who came to Holland and killed her landlord. She was hung—Rembrandt made a drawing of this.
    My sister Jennifer Edmondson and her husband Mike were on the tour with me. Jennifer handled the merch. Mike drove and played guitar. They did a fantastic job and taught me a lot about plants (their usual business is landscaping).
    Played an alt-country festival in Hengelo, Netherlands. Cleared the room in two minutes. I guess I still have the magic touch.
    At the Guitar Bar in Nottingham, we all wore funny hats.
    In Lille, France, and Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the shows were on boats. A French girl said my blues name should be “Gin Apple Johnny.”
    Thanks to Jair Hoogland at Sedate Booking and to Kat Dalton for all their hard work on this tour. Thanks also to all the people who came to see us.
On the last day of the tour, I was eaten by balloons.
 And Good-bye
 Of course Mark Lotterman has the final word….

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