That’s Your Wife Tour Day 19 – Bobby Womack


Arrived in Hengelo for the Heartland Festival – again, backstage and business end all run by women. Captain Crimson and Miraculous Mule at the hotel. Lots of shop talk.


Learned today: Do not try to walk out of the restaurant with a coffee cup.


img_3126 img_3127



Day 19   “Played an alt-country festival in Hengelo, Netherlands. Cleared the room in two minutes. I guess I still have the magic touch.”

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 From a review of Ceramic Dog in Het Parool:
That the musicians for nothing, is evident as their a copious dinner is put on by chef Edwin Takens. His restaurant is full tonight and the room is optimally occupied.
Such artists as Neil Young and Johnny Dowd grab you by the throat with their poignant imperfections, let Ceramic Dog listeners discover their own emotional depths.
2015 Oor:
For those who secretly feel an American cowboy, found on April 25 the second edition of the Heartland Festival. Roots, blues, country and all its excesses wander this Saturday in April around in the Hengelo Metropolis. An indoor festival where the Wild West is not only to hear but also feel. In the corridors of the Metropole musicians hang out, always in for a chat or a live session…Genuine rock & roll comes from the legendary Johnny Dowd. With his fragile voice Dowd only broke after his fiftieth, but better late than never. Both the Deep South as the Wild West is therefore the end of April for one day in the east of the country.

Editors note:

Winding up last years tour (blog-wise speaking). Two more posts and Johnny is on the Execute American Folklore tour 2016 !

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