Live at the Heartland Festival in Hengelo

Not sure when to show up? Check out the schedule below. Straight from the Heartland Festival website.


Late bloomer?
Mwoah not that bad though. Although Johnny Dowd releases until his fortieth his first solo album he may by then invoke a best luggage as a musician. Since the 70s, he is already working on music and has already made ​​the necessary mileage. His solo debut, however, only in ’98 on the market. Wrong Side Of Memphis does leave immediately a very good impression.

Is he so old?
Well, well, you do not say! Johnny has now passed the 60 spacious but rock’n roll, or in this case, keeps you young. Call him reassure the Cave, Beefheart and Waits of the genre. It does not all sound easy but it is worth to listen carefully, because the absurd and dark lyrics are straightforward and mostly taken from his life. Musically he not afraid to experiment, his country noir he blenders job with funk, soul, jazz, beats and electronics. Perhaps the most experimental thing you see this year in Hengelo! Do not like dime-a-dozen then you’re good at Johnny.


For more information about Johnny and the show, check out his profile here. There are some great live show videos, as well as some samples of other songs from YouTube.

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