That’s Your Wife Tour Day 17 – The Rock Factory

Photo_Jif,Paradiso,20150423,thinking Photo_Jif,Paradiso,20150423,Mike
Backstage Hotel is just the best. Still getting used to these Dutch staircases, though, and as Johnny says, how are you supposed to take a shower with only one hand free?Photo_Jif,Paradiso,20150423,stairwellPhoto_Jif,Paradiso,20150423,hotel
Major props to the staff of The Paradiso, who manage the chaos of many manic musicians coming and going with a smile. (Special thanks to Auke for helping out at the merch table.)
Johnny held the stage solo for a few tunes when the union made Mike take a break,

then they rocked the upstairs together. That’s right, UP stairs. The SMALL room. Not the BIG room. This did not pass unnoticed.
The house was packed, so they’d better get it right next time.


Photo_Jif,Paradiso,20150423,JohnI’m kinda doing a reverse set tonight somehow. Which may have something to do with…I…that’s not really a coffee shop.That’s not what in America we think of as a coffee shop. So therefor my set thing has gotten reversed.
   –Johnny Dowd
I can’t do this alone. I feel like I’m married, but my wife has turned into a pillow. So you  still have a relationship, but it”s with an inanimate object. – Johnny Dowd, on why he wants the audience to sing along
A fella said to me –  he actually said this back when I was playing the big room at the Paradisio- he said: Johnny Dowd: he’s trying to execute American folk music. And I said to him as my father said to me, “Damn straight.”.
 – Johnny Dowd‘s Intro to Execute American Folklore

 Like everywhere Johnny goes, friends show up. Like Fritz, John’s tour manager in previous incarnations. I couldn’t pick a favorite shot of these tour veterans palavering, so you’re getting them all:



So long Jair and Jairo and Fritz. See you in October 2016 for the Execute American Folklore Tour.

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