That’s Your Wife Tour Day 15 – Happy Birthday to You


In Frrankfurt  the venue and hotel were quite close, but due to construction, we were required to repeatedly apply the band motto of At the Next Opportunity, Make a U Turn. Hotel Royal is a sweet old place with the nicest staff and rooms whose entire back wall was window that could be thrown wide open.

Dreikonigskeller is an equally small iconic German cellar rock club. It does not mean anything about dragons as some american nitwit thought, but rather refers to Kings.
Don’t miss it if you are ever in Frankfurt. The owner is a true believer and the lighting is perfect.

"I really like this place. This place says 'Germany', you're in a German Rock Club. So just think of the history here. Much blood has been spilled on this stage. We won't have any of that, though."

“I was very fortunate. I had a very happy childhood. It was just later in life that things went horribly wrong.”

                                           –  Johnny Dowd, Dreikonigskeller,Frankfurt  DE 2015

Props to the small but enthusiastic crowd, who belted out the sing-a-long in John Deere Yeller John has introduced this tour.


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