That’s Your Wife Tour Day 14- A Canadian Australian American Collaboration in Zurich


Victor, Steve, and Peter at El Lokal set a great scene for music. Also  for grilled veggie dinners-this is turning out to be a total gastronomic tour.

Below, John and Mike perform  Dream On, My True Love and Pretty Soon:

 – filmed by El Lokal

“In a band situation, a bands favorite song is probably the worst song they’ll  play all night. Cause what the band wants to play and…What they should do and what they do do sometimes doesn’t correspond.” (after Execute American Folklore)
“Over the course of my long and whiskey fueled life with my vacuum cleaner voice is execute american folklore going from town to town. If the women didn’t feel that I had done what I should, and that’s probably true, but what i tried to explain in this song, is that I did every thing that I could”  (trying to explain Dream On)
“This is something we haven’t really done yet on this tour. This song is so dark and disturbing that I don’t really feel that the English could’ve handled it. They might’ve , like, expoded a Limeys head, but I think ya’ll are capable of it.” (Intro to Pretty Soon (Blues for Lonnie))
“It’s always more enjoyable to play someone else’s songs. More like when you were home singing in front of the mirror, doin’ the whole James Brown live at the Apollo song on your own. Air guitar is..that’s the best guitar. Fake pretend singing and playing.”
                                                                            – Johnny Dowd, elLokal 2015/04/20

Walk Away is available as a free download at Johnny’s website :,el Lokal

Phot_Jif,elLokal,Mischa Scherrer

– see additional photos by Mischa Scherrer here

In case you’re wondering what happenened to Day 13:
Today was a much needed off day in Colmar. What is there to say about sleeping late and going to bed early except that it’s right up there with hot water?

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