That’s Your Wife Tour Day 11 – Hooked on Phonics

(Note to self: Breakfast eggs at Comfort Inn in Lille are raw. Do not crack open on your plate.)


Mark Lotterman parted temporarily before the TAC show. He qualifies as a Tour Hero both for retrieving lost equipment during a dummy check, and for drinking a mystery fluid out of a plastic squeeze bottle when the water ran low.
It's Okay.

It’s Okay.

In Antwerp, Louk Voncken, the filmmaker who created a popular video of Johnny’s song Betty from the album No Regrets, is at it again with White Dolomite. We were lucky enough to get some snapshots of Louk’s creative process, and we can’t wait to see this one put together!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Insider hint: Look for Melanie’s legs.)


Check out the completed video:


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