Record Store Day ‘1953’ on 7in vinyl split with Mark Lotterman

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There’s a new vinyl coming out, too. Johnny has collaborated with his friend and talented musician Mark Lotterman in producing a 7-inch. Johnny’s song “1953” is on one side and Mark’s song “Time Goes By (So Slowly)” is on the other. It will be available on the Euro tour, and we might have some left to sell at Johnny’s site afterwards. Johnny and Mark will be participating in Record Store Day in The Netherlands on April 18, and the vinyl will be available at their shows there, as well. Dowd US  Mark Lotterman NL4
The inside story, courtesy of Matt ‘The Alchemist’ Saccuccimorano:
OK.  When I mixed “That’s Your Wife” two songs didn’t make the cut.  Mark Lotterman and Johnny decided to release a split single for Record Store Day and Johnny asked me to produce, in the hip hop sense, a track he could sing over which would be a like a John Spencer Blues Explosion meets DJ kinda thing.  I took the bones of one of the unused songs,  “Shiny Drool of Love”,  and made an arrangement, adding drums and mangling the sounds that were already on the recording.  Then Johnny came over and made some modifications to better fit the song he’d wrote.  After he sang it, I doubled one of his melodies with an organ sound in order to present him as a jazz prophet from Venus (not Mars).  Then Johnny played a guitar solo.  We expect to win a Belgian Grammy.

In other words:

Late bloomer Johnny Dowd let no grass grow. In March 2015 published its fourteenth studio album “That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse. His quirky songs reminiscent of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Captain Beefheart.

67. So old Johnny Dowd will be on Friday, April 10th when he takes to the stage at N9 villa. And his age might suggest otherwise, but Dowd was not so very long active in the music. It took namely until 1998 – when he was already 50 – before he first came out with the solo album ‘Wrong Side Of Memphis. Before the man led a moving company and was music to make something for after hours.

Dowd began so relatively late, but got lost years quickly. In his seventeen year career he released thirteen studiJohnny-Mark-7inchCovers2o albums and a handful of EP’s. His latest throw, ‘That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse’, appears in March 2015.

The Texan went for the recordings to work as he did in his debut. He sat alone in the studio with his guitar, old synth and drum machine. Johnny Dowd sound again vulnerable, experimental and uncompromising. His genius you hear in the dark, humorous and catchy songs reminiscent of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Captain Beefheart.

Program for Mark Lotterman is a singer-songwriter from Rotterdam. With his raw and intense compositions voordracht fit seamlessly as a storyteller in the row Waits, Cohen, Cave and … Johnny Dowd. Lotterman and bring Dowd to mark Record Store Day on April 18 along a split 7 “.

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