Interview with Mark and Mike in Leicester

Photo_MikenMark/LeicsterJif: Mark, what is it like writing in a non-native tongue?

Mark: Up until now,I’ve only written in English. I’ve written a few songs in Dutch, and plan to do more in the future.  It’s important when you write in English to write directly and not translate from Dutch in your head. I love the language, and the history of the language. Plus it’s a bigger market.

Mark: Mike, what makes Johnny Johnny?

Mike: He’s like a sponge. He absorbs music into his brain and it comes out transformed. He has a radar for boring, and he never is. He’s very articulate, he says exactly what he means to say. And he’s a very kind person, he’s not mean spirited.

Mark: the first thing that got my attention is that he is open-minded. Me and John put all that dark shit in the music, not in the day to day.

Jif: Tell me about the equipment.

Mark: I play a 75-76 Yamaha, a present from my manager Vincent.

Mike: I play a guitar that I bought from Johnny in 1989-an Ithaca Guitar Works telecaster. My pedals aren’t that interesting except the electro harmonics C. I saw it on YouTube and John said, get that, it will take us to a whole ‘nother level.

John has hundreds of pedals. He’s using a Kama sutra distortion pedal on this tour, a flash delay, and his looper is Ditto. He uses that to sample stuff when he’s not using the drum machine. The drum machine is an an old elctro harmonics, the same one he used on Wrong Side of Memphis. He plays a G & L guitar he just bought.

Flash Delay pedal

Kama sutra distortion pedal

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