That’s Your Wife Tour Day 20 – The End



img_3158Met with Jair, counted cd’s, repacked Johnny, off to Artists on the Road, who opened up shop on a Sunday to receive us.

Then to Eindhoven, to find a parking place in advance of Kings Day. Up late visiting with artist Rik Van Iersel and his wife Agnes. Unfortunately, there was no spaghetti.img_3298

Johnny Dowd:
 Day 20 (end) Spent a couple of days at the end of the tour with my buddy Rik van Iersel and his lovely wife Agnes. Rik and I did some recording and made a dance video.



Tour report from Johnny:
Things lost: toothbrush and toothpaste, two beautiful egg holders (gift from Pim and Niek), eyeglasses.
    A tour is kind of like a rabbit’s tail, too short or too long. Depends if you are coming or going.
Stayed with Pim and Niek Hoogland after the show in Krefeld, Germany. Potters. They live on the grounds of a monastery. The nuns dress in pink and have taken a vow of silence. The priests do the shopping.
    I met a blind Kung Fu master in Brighton. He used to manage bands, talked like a pirate and offered to manage me. Wonderful fellow. Irish, I think.
Did a bunch of shows with Mr. Mark Lotterman, a Dutch singer, songwriter, and extraordinary talent. He is a prince of a fellow. We may do an album together about a woman from Denmark who came to Holland and killed her landlord. She was hung—Rembrandt made a drawing of this.
    My sister Jennifer Edmondson and her husband Mike were on the tour with me. Jennifer handled the merch. Mike drove and played guitar. They did a fantastic job and taught me a lot about plants (their usual business is landscaping).
    Played an alt-country festival in Hengelo, Netherlands. Cleared the room in two minutes. I guess I still have the magic touch.
    At the Guitar Bar in Nottingham, we all wore funny hats.
    In Lille, France, and Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the shows were on boats. A French girl said my blues name should be “Gin Apple Johnny.”
    Thanks to Jair Hoogland at Sedate Booking and to Kat Dalton for all their hard work on this tour. Thanks also to all the people who came to see us.
On the last day of the tour, I was eaten by balloons.
 And Good-bye
 Of course Mark Lotterman has the final word….

That’s Your Wife Tour Day 19 – Bobby Womack


Arrived in Hengelo for the Heartland Festival – again, backstage and business end all run by women. Captain Crimson and Miraculous Mule at the hotel. Lots of shop talk.


Learned today: Do not try to walk out of the restaurant with a coffee cup.


img_3126 img_3127



Day 19   “Played an alt-country festival in Hengelo, Netherlands. Cleared the room in two minutes. I guess I still have the magic touch.”

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 From a review of Ceramic Dog in Het Parool:
That the musicians for nothing, is evident as their a copious dinner is put on by chef Edwin Takens. His restaurant is full tonight and the room is optimally occupied.
Such artists as Neil Young and Johnny Dowd grab you by the throat with their poignant imperfections, let Ceramic Dog listeners discover their own emotional depths.
2015 Oor:
For those who secretly feel an American cowboy, found on April 25 the second edition of the Heartland Festival. Roots, blues, country and all its excesses wander this Saturday in April around in the Hengelo Metropolis. An indoor festival where the Wild West is not only to hear but also feel. In the corridors of the Metropole musicians hang out, always in for a chat or a live session…Genuine rock & roll comes from the legendary Johnny Dowd. With his fragile voice Dowd only broke after his fiftieth, but better late than never. Both the Deep South as the Wild West is therefore the end of April for one day in the east of the country.

Editors note:

Winding up last years tour (blog-wise speaking). Two more posts and Johnny is on the Execute American Folklore tour 2016 !

Live at the Heartland Festival in Hengelo

Not sure when to show up? Check out the schedule below. Straight from the Heartland Festival website.


Late bloomer?
Mwoah not that bad though. Although Johnny Dowd releases until his fortieth his first solo album he may by then invoke a best luggage as a musician. Since the 70s, he is already working on music and has already made ​​the necessary mileage. His solo debut, however, only in ’98 on the market. Wrong Side Of Memphis does leave immediately a very good impression.

Is he so old?
Well, well, you do not say! Johnny has now passed the 60 spacious but rock’n roll, or in this case, keeps you young. Call him reassure the Cave, Beefheart and Waits of the genre. It does not all sound easy but it is worth to listen carefully, because the absurd and dark lyrics are straightforward and mostly taken from his life. Musically he not afraid to experiment, his country noir he blenders job with funk, soul, jazz, beats and electronics. Perhaps the most experimental thing you see this year in Hengelo! Do not like dime-a-dozen then you’re good at Johnny.


For more information about Johnny and the show, check out his profile here. There are some great live show videos, as well as some samples of other songs from YouTube.

That’s Your Wife Tour Day 18 – Now You Are a Girl


Photo_Jif.De Peppel,hotel,20150424
The Paradiso let us park the van, and the Hotel our bag, so a walk around Amsterdam was in order.


If you are walking, you must buy shoes and souvenirs.And make new friends amongst the locals.

Then a short drive to Zeist and De Peppel.

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Even more awesome photos by Rob Sneltjes

Photo_Jif,De Peppel,20150424.merch

We take the merch table VERY SERIOUSLY, and so do the fans.


Photo_Jif,De Peppel,




Well, maybe seriously is not the word… Still a few of these shirts by Auke will be available on the 2016 tour.



















Live at the de Peppel in Zeist

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.16.57 PM

Direct from the venue’s website:

Johnny Dowd wordt al tijden een van de laatst overgebleven échte originals genoemd, maar ondertussen blijft de man uit Texas zichzelf steeds weer opnieuw uitvinden. Liefhebbers van alternatieve rootsmuziek, specifiek country-noir, die niet vies zijn van invloeden uit de funk- en soulhoek, zijn deze avond in de Peppel aan het goede adres.

Americana, country-noir, blues ‘n roll, rock ‘n roots: noem het zoals je wilt. Plak er een label op. Johnny is een dwarse genie die zich zo uit het hokje wurmt en de boel opschudt met een staaltje ‘Dowd’.

rough translation:
Johnny Dowd is already mentioned times one of the last remaining true originals, but in the meantime the man from Texas continues to reinvent itself again and again. Fans of alternative roots music, specifically country-noir , who are not afraid of influences from funk and soul corner, this evening in the Peppel to the right place.

Americana, country – noir, blues ‘ n roll, rock and roots: call it what you want. Stick a label on . Johnny is a transverse genius who so squeezes out of the cubicle and things shaking out with a sample ‘ Dowd.


More great videos of Johnny, brought to you by Poppodium de Peppel:

That’s Your Wife Tour Day 17 – The Rock Factory

Photo_Jif,Paradiso,20150423,thinking Photo_Jif,Paradiso,20150423,Mike
Backstage Hotel is just the best. Still getting used to these Dutch staircases, though, and as Johnny says, how are you supposed to take a shower with only one hand free?Photo_Jif,Paradiso,20150423,stairwellPhoto_Jif,Paradiso,20150423,hotel
Major props to the staff of The Paradiso, who manage the chaos of many manic musicians coming and going with a smile. (Special thanks to Auke for helping out at the merch table.)
Johnny held the stage solo for a few tunes when the union made Mike take a break,

then they rocked the upstairs together. That’s right, UP stairs. The SMALL room. Not the BIG room. This did not pass unnoticed.
The house was packed, so they’d better get it right next time.


Photo_Jif,Paradiso,20150423,JohnI’m kinda doing a reverse set tonight somehow. Which may have something to do with…I…that’s not really a coffee shop.That’s not what in America we think of as a coffee shop. So therefor my set thing has gotten reversed.
   –Johnny Dowd
I can’t do this alone. I feel like I’m married, but my wife has turned into a pillow. So you  still have a relationship, but it”s with an inanimate object. – Johnny Dowd, on why he wants the audience to sing along
A fella said to me –  he actually said this back when I was playing the big room at the Paradisio- he said: Johnny Dowd: he’s trying to execute American folk music. And I said to him as my father said to me, “Damn straight.”.
 – Johnny Dowd‘s Intro to Execute American Folklore

 Like everywhere Johnny goes, friends show up. Like Fritz, John’s tour manager in previous incarnations. I couldn’t pick a favorite shot of these tour veterans palavering, so you’re getting them all:



So long Jair and Jairo and Fritz. See you in October 2016 for the Execute American Folklore Tour.

Live at The Paradiso in Amsterdam

Direct from the venue’s website:

That’s your wife on the back of my horse. That’s my hand in your pocket. Around my neck is your mother’s locket. Your sisters will dance at my wake. Your brother will blow out the candles on my birthday cake. That’s your wife on the back of my horse.” Hello people. This little Johnny “Guitar” Watson-inspired poem kicks off my new record entitled, obviously, ‘That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse.’ I went back to basics on this one. Played all the instruments myself, then turned the recordings over to voodooman Matt Saccuccimorano to mix and master. Miss Anna Coogan added some great vocal parts, and there you have it. I think there’s something for everybody on this one: funk, country, blues, noise, pop. Some funny stuff and dark stuff (see if you can tell which is which). All in all, I’m pleased and looking forward to the tour in Europe this April. My old buddy Mike Edmondson will be helping me out on keyboards. It’ll just be the two of us playing, but we can still make a racket: Aldus de eigenzinnige countryster Johhny Dowd.


And check out two great songs they posted there for people to check out!

That’s Your Wife Tour Day 16 – Front Page News


The Johnny Dowd Tour Vehicle might be in one of those cars in the aerial photos of that giant German traffic jam caused by the train strike. Still, once there, John and Mike can set up in a heartbeat, and did. With dinner saved for later, they were ready to go on time and played an inspired set…



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…which was superbly taped by a MusicStar staff member.







A great community center, where lots of Greats have played.Photo_Jif,MusciStar,20160422,pig
It’s all funded by this guy here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

PS There’s a rumor they might set up a New York Guest Artist Festival. That’d be a party!


Live at the Music Star in Harksheide

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.09.24 PM

Johnny Dowd (* 29. März 1948 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA) ist ein US-amerikanischer Alternative-Country-Musiker, der heute in Ithaca im US-Bundesstaat New York lebt.

Johnny Dowd wuchs in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma als mittleres von fünf Kindern auf. Mit 17 verließ er sein Elternhaus und wurde in den Vietnamkrieg eingezogen. Er ging später eine Ehe ein, die ganze zwei Wochen hielt. Drogen, Sex und Partys prägten seinen Lebensstil. Nebenbei schrieb er Gedichte. Mit 30 entschloss er sich, seinen Lebensstil zu ändern. Er kaufte sich seine erste Gitarre. Er lernte sein Instrument aber nicht besonders fleißig und meinte auch, er könne keine Musik von anderen spielen. Mitte der 1980er Jahre gründete er mit Neon Baptist eine Punk-Band, die in Ithaca, New York, und der näheren Umgebung auftrat, aber nie eine Platte aufnahm. Zu den Neon Baptist gehörte auch die hauptberufliche Friseurin Kim Sherwood-Caso, die schon als Kind gesungen hatte und durch die Arbeit in der Band angeregt wurde, ihren eigentümlichen Gesangsstil weiterzuentwickeln. Sie gehört heute noch zur Band von Johnny Dowd.

Bis zu seinem 49. Lebensjahr hatte Dowd hauptberuflich als Möbelspediteur gearbeitet und eine eigene Firma geleitet. Dann nahm er seine erste Soloplatte auf. Drummer Brian Wilson, der ihn auch heute noch begleitet, hatte gerade begonnen, sein Handwerk zu lernen. Die Band entwickelte einen sehr eigenen, unnachahmlichen Stil, der ihr einen Kultstatus einbrachte.

Typisch für Dowds Musik sind experimentelle, oft „krachige“ Störungen der auf archaischem Country, Folk und Blues, aber auch Rockabilly beruhenden Songstrukturen. Sowohl Musik als auch Texte sind zumeist von tiefer Melancholie oder sogar Schmerz geprägt, und einer Zerrissenheit, die sich u.a. an der christlichen Religiosität seiner Heimat abarbeitet. Auf der anderen Seite ist Dowd oft sehr (selbst)-ironisch und humorvoll oder auch zynisch. Seine Auftritte, die von starkem Whiskey-Konsum des Künstlers begleitet sind, gelten als äußerst intensiv.

rough translation:
Johnny Dowd (born March 29, 1948 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA) is an American alternative country musician who now lives in Ithaca, New York.

Johnny Dowd grew up in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma on as the mean of five children. At 17, he left home and was drafted into the Vietnam War. He later went on a marriage, held the whole two weeks. Drugs, sex and parties dominated his lifestyle. He also wrote poetry. At 30, he decided to change his lifestyle. He bought his first guitar. He learned his instrument but not very diligent and also meant that he could not play music from others. Mid-1980s, he founded a Baptist with neon punk band to perform in Ithaca, New York, and the surrounding area, but never recorded an album. The Neon Baptist included the main professional hairdresser Kim Sherwood-Caso, who had been singing as a child and was inspired by the work in the band develop their peculiar vocal style. You still belongs to the band Johnny Dowd today.

Until his 49th year Dowd had worked full time as a removal firm and managed his own firm. He recorded his first solo album. Drummer Brian Wilson, who still follows him today, had just begun to learn his craft. The band developed a very unique, inimitable style, which earned her a cult status.

Typical of Dowds music, experimental, often “krachige” disorders based on archaic country, folk and blues, as well as rockabilly song structures. Both music and lyrics are mostly characterized by deep melancholy or even pain and turmoil, concerning inter alia executing on the Christian religion of his homeland. On the other hand Dowd is often (even) -ironisch and humorous or cynical. His performances, which are accompanied by strong whiskey consumption of the artist, are considered to be extremely intense.