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Johnny Dowd – That’s Your Wife On The Back Of My Horse
03/082015 by Bas Duym
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Johnny Dowd – That’s Your Wife On The Back Of My Horse
Label: Mother Jinx Records

A True Original

In a musical climate where it is mainly the standard seems to be not original, it is a hope and a consolation to Johnny Dowd still in our midst. And inimitable musical style to style Dowd comes leaping every time with a record that truly is nothing to do with his past. Also this’ That’s Your Wife On The Back Of My Horse ‘is completely at odds with the garage rock of predecessor’ Do The Gargon. The only thing that has remained is the complete fuck it all attitude that this shag-smoking rebel here again demonstrates. This time, armed only with a drum machine, a keyboard and a guitar he once again comes the musical establishment to attack. With gusto, with fire.


Dowd has thrown itself into the electronics on this work and here sounds like Depeche Mode would have sounded if they grew up in the Deep South of America on a diet of David Lynch, Funkadelic and Willie Nelson. There is another singer present (Anna Coogan) who forms an almost heavenly counterpart to the sarcastic bite that Dowd himself in his voice. But when she sings “Help him, he needs a spankin ” in funky ‘White Dolomite’ then you know that this sweet voice contrast is only apparent. Dowd While taking his lyrics very seriously, but not themselves. Thus, the rap on “My Old Flame” again typically about missed opportunities and even a staircase after (recurring themes in Dowd’s work) over a hypnotic beat that is half Gong half Wu Tang Clan. And “Dear John Letter” might just have been a song by Goldfrapp, were it not that this track also only Dowd’s hand may have come because of its quirkiness. Because that’s what all the work of this man’s defining characteristic. He does exactly what he himself wants. And in songs like ‘Teardrops’ and (the real genius) Cadillac Hearse’ do no one so intense and brooding as he.


That noble quest delivers Dowd increasingly filled concert halls, and this album shows once again hear how wrong that is. Few artists take the risks he takes and maybe that is because Dowd has nothing more to lose. “Poor, But Proud ‘he sings not for nothing. This is a man who hopes mainstream success is long gone and now only goes where his heart leads him. “That’s Your Wife On The Back Of My Horse ‘is nothing less than another artistic triumph of a unique talent within the music world. New audience he will probably not win it, but for everyone who Dowd phenomenon all these years with interest followed this album is one of his best. For all others miss this at your own peril.


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