Live at The Haunt with The Sadies


                                                                    Special Event!

The Sadies and Johnny Dowd at The Haunt (tickets) this Friday 02/20/2015 9:00 pm


Rehearsal Tape Reveals How the Clown Makes You Feel

I didn’t think the album could be reproduced live. I didn’t need it to be, as Johnny Dowd live is a unique experience of it’s own. But the practice tape I got my hands on (thanks, Dave) reveals that somehow, as a guitar duo, John and Mike can crank out the atmosphere Johns lyrics require, both rocking and twisting the tunes. It’s the spirit of That’s Your Wife, maybe because less is more when you peel it down to the man who sat alone in his moving office and cut Billoard’s favorite album of 1997 ‘Wrong Side of Memphis’.

Could this be the set list for The upcoming Haunt gig?:

yer wife
nasty mouth
walk away[jd]
dear john
drip drop[jd]
why/caspian sea
first there was[jd]
poor but proud
a man loves his wife
empty purse/birds are werds

Or maybe:

yer wife
nasty mouth
man loves his wife
drip drop[jd]
first there was[jd]]
empty purse
why/peter lawford
poor but proud

Expect the unexpected….

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