Norderstedt Press Release and Most Excellent Translation Star Norderstedt Marktplatz Star Norderstedt Marktplatz 111Translation courtesy of Google Translate:

JOHNNY DOWD (USA)   – 22/04/2015

Johnny Dowd (born March 29, 1948 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA) is an American alternative country musician who now lives in Ithaca, New York.

Johnny Dowd grew up in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma on as the mean of five children. At 17, he left home and was drafted into the Vietnam War. He later went on a marriage, held the whole two weeks. Drugs, sex and parties dominated his lifestyle. He also wrote poetry. At 30, he decided to change his lifestyle. He bought his first guitar. He learned his instrument but not very diligent and also meant that he could not play music from others. Mid-1980s, he founded a Baptist with neon punk band to perform in Ithaca, New York, and the surrounding area, but never recorded an album. The Neon Baptist included the main professional hairdresser Kim Sherwood-Caso, who had been singing as a child and was inspired by the work in the band develop their peculiar vocal style. You still belongs to the band Johnny Dowd today.

Until his 49th year Dowd had worked full time as a removal firm and managed his own firm. He recorded his first solo album. Drummer Brian Wilson, who still follows him today, had just begun to learn his craft. The band developed a very unique, inimitable style, which earned her a cult status.

Typical of Dowds music, experimental, often “krachige” (powerful) disorders based on archaic country, folk and blues, as well as rockabilly song structures. Both music and lyrics are mostly characterized by deep melancholy or even pain and turmoil, which processes among others in the Christian religion of his homeland. On the other hand Dowd is often (even) -ironisch and humorous or cynical. His performances, which are accompanied by strong whiskey consumption of the artist, are considered to be extremely intense.

1998: Wrong Side of Memphis (Checkered Past)

1999: Pictures From Life’s Other Side (Glitterhouse)

2001: Temporary Shelter (Glitterhouse)

2002: The Pawnbroker’s Wife (Glitterhouse)

2003: Wire Flowers (Munich)

2004: Cemetery Shoes (Munich)

2005: Johnny Dowd: Live at the Night & Day Cafe, Manchester, UK (self-released)

2006: Cruel Words (Munich)

2006: Chainsaw Of Life (Munich, with Jim White as a band Hellwood)

2008: A Drunkard’s Masterpiece (Munich)

2010: Wake Up the Snakes (Munich)

2012: No Regrets (Mother Jinx)

For the 2nd time in Norderstedt, certainly again außergewönliches (exceptional) concert ….. Here is a song by the former concert, then solo with band, this time, let’s wait!

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