Reflections from New Orleans


-by Emily

Setting: BJ’s (dive) bar in the bywater, New Orleans

Man: hey I’m Josh
Emily: hi I’m Emily
Man: where are you from?
Emily: New York
Man: city or upstate
Emily: upstate
Man: Ithaca?
Emily: …..Yes….
Man: do you know Johnny Dowd?
Emily: ………….are you fucking with me?
Man: what?
Emily: did you look at my wallet or something?
Man: no….you’ve had it in your pocket this whole time… know him?
Emily: umm my name is Emily Dowd. I’m his niece.

Man: tell him the following, “Morning forty federation, saxophone and vocalist.” I totally butchered the song. He told me I sang off key and he was right. He’s a straight up guy. I’m an expert in obscure music and Johnny Dowd is my fucking hero.”

Johnny’s reply:

yo to josh—morning forty was one of the best live bands i’ve ever seen–there record is amazing–i hope all those guys are still making music


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