Johnny Sez: Straight from the horses mouth

Courtesy of the Official Johnny Dowd Site:

December 17, 2014

“That’s your wife on the back of my horse. That’s my hand in your pocket. Around my neck is your mother’s locket. Your sisters will dance at my wake. Your brother will blow out the candles on my birthday cake. That’s your wife on the back of my horse.”

Hello people. This little Johnny “Guitar” Watson-inspired poem kicks off my new record entitled, obviously, “That’s Your Wife on the Back of My Horse.” I went back to basics on this one. Played all the instruments myself, then turned the recordings over to voodooman Matt Saccuccimorano to mix and master. Miss Anna Coogan added some great vocal parts, and there you have it. I think there’s something for everybody on this one: funk, country, blues, noise, pop. Some funny stuff and dark stuff (see if you can tell which is which). All in all, I’m pleased and looking forward to the tour in Europe this April. My old buddy Mike Edmondson will be helping me out on keyboards. It’ll just be the two of us playing, but we can still make a racket.

The release date for the record is March 9. It will be distributed by Cadiz in Europe and will be available at this site for U.S./Canada buyers. It will be available digitally at all the usual outlets as well.

The European tour is April 9 through 25. Please see the Tours page for shows.

Johnny Dowd: 
vocals, guitar, bass, and keyboard
Anna Coogan: vocals
Guitar solo on “Birds Are Words”: Mike Cook
“Teardrops” coda: Willie B, drums; Mike Edmondson, keyboard; Johnny Dowd, guitar
Lyrics and music by Johnny Dowd, ©Seven-shooter Music (BMI), administered by BMG Chrysalis
Recorded by David Hinkle at The Shop, Willseyville, New York
Mixing, mastering, and additional production 
by Matthew Saccuccimorano, Scaramanga Industries, Ithaca, New York
Special thanks to Anna Coogan, Matt Saccuccimorano, and David Hinkle. 
Without their generous contributions, this album would only be half as fabulous.
Design by Kat Dalton
Images on front cover and CD are Johnny’s great-grandfather, 
Lewis Tom Livingston (1874-1924). Photographer unknown.
Mother Jinx Records

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